Someone Has Invented Wine for Pets, Cures Solo Drinking

You can now pour your four-legged friend a Catbernet, Chardognay or Pinot Meow.

That glass of wine or icy cold beer you've been sipping solo and feeling guilty about it — it's about to become a thing of the past if you're a pet owner. Our furry companions share life's ups and downs, and now critters of both the feline and canine variety can share a beverage too thanks to the invention that is animal-friendly wine.

It's the tipple that'll make humans feel better without even drinking it, and one that cats and dogs will enjoy... we think. Actually, it might just be something two-legged folks like the idea of more than their four-legged friends — but who doesn't want to pour their kitty or pooch a hard-earned drink?

Currently available in the US, pet wine doesn't actually involve alcohol. Don't give your mouser or pup real booze, folks. Instead, it's made from beets, herbs and catnip, and comes in cutely named varieties such as The Doggy Mary, The Meowmosa, Catbernet, Chardognay and Pinot Meow. They're just some of the products startup Apollo Peak has been selling for the last two years, alongside special cat wine glasses — and they now have competition thanks to Pet Winery and their Catinis and Dog Perignon.

Like all great ideas, someone else got their first, with a Japanese company releasing Nyan Nyan (or meow meow) Nouveau for cats back in 2013. Still, your purrfect pal surely won't mind, even if felines are known for their discerning tastes. Plus, your barking buddy now gets to join in the fun too.

Via Good Food.

Published on February 19, 2017 by Sarah Ward

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