Ten Inner City Oasis Bars in Brisbane

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Cosy beer gardens surrounded by greenery and courtyards with comfortable chairs — here are ten bars perfect for escaping the chaos of the city.

Getting away from it all — it's the dream, right? Who doesn't want to escape from the daily grind, kick back in a relaxing setting, and dedicate their time to cold beverages and green sights aplenty? Before you go wallowing over the fact that you don't have a holiday on the agenda, we have some great news: you can do all of the above without leaving the city. Because not all bars are created equal, some inner-city watering holes can make you feel like you've been whisked somewhere far, far away just by filling their space with oh-so-soothing flora. In partnership with the Hahn Brewers, here are ten bars around Brisbane where you can find a haven away from the hustle and bustle.



Getting a dose of greenery couldn't be more simple at The Pineapple Hotel. The historic Woolloongabba mainstay is in the ideal place for it — that is, right next door to a sprawling, grass and tree-filled park. Unsurprisingly, that makes the pub's seats with an outdoor view highly sought after; however, they're worth hanging around to nab. Many a day could be whiled away just sitting, snacking on Szechuan chicken wings and sipping on beer here. In fact, many have.



When Newstead scored a new live music venue — owned by former Powderfinger bassist John Collins, no less — gig fans rejoiced. Since it opened its doors in 2014, everyone fond of just sitting around outside with a beer in hand has too. Boasting more than just a couple of token trees and plants, The Triffid's beer garden delivers both key elements, with the drinks flowing and the flora plentiful. Dropping by even if you're not seeing a show isn't just acceptable; it's encouraged.



Good ol' Brighty, as we're sure you've called this Warner Street hotspot before, really does offer a space for every occasion. Indoor gigs, carpark parties, eating chicken, chilling near some plants: it has it all. In fact, there's a reason that plenty of the venue's many, many shindigs happen in the beer garden — everyone wants to hang out there. Whatever night of the week you choose, there's probably something happening, too, be it trivia, themed get-togethers or just sitting around with a brew in hand.



You don't always have to venture outside to find yourself a patch of plant life. And, you don't always have to look down to spot some either. Whether you're standing near the bar or sitting near one of the sizeable windows, you'll spy yourself something botanical in this Paddington bar. There's plenty hanging around, literally — which will probably make you want to hang around too.



In the CBD, it's easy to feel like you're surrounded by concrete as far as the eye can see. And, often, you are. Indeed, there's plenty in the vicinity of Pig & Whistle Riverside, but the English pub helps liven up all of that grey with some bursts of green in its beer garden. No wonder it's a popular after-work go-to if you're in the area, and has been since it opened in 2002. A word of warning: if there's a sporting event on TV, the crowds will multiply, so consider this a busy and buzzing oasis, rather than the quiet kind.



Sometimes, the secret to a bar's success really is all there in its name. If Shady Palms didn't have a couple of the trees that inspired its moniker, there'd be trouble. Don't worry, there's more than that. Also on offer in Stones Corner is an array of eating and drinking options for both day and night, whether you're after a lunchtime escape or an evening beverage. Making you feel like you're in someone's backyard is the main aim here, and it's a successful one.



Size doesn't matter when it comes to finding the perfect green haven. Like The Castle, it's all about the vibe, really. With that in mind, what Canvas lacks in space, it makes up for in atmosphere. Out the front, you'll find plants brightening up the street-side sitting spots, while venturing out the back reveals everyone's favourite kind of botanical sight. Yes, that'd be hanging plants, which can add a splash of nature to any space — and do just that here.



Fortitude Valley doesn't always feel like the greenest place (wall-to-wall buildings will do that). Consider The Wickham the green oasis you're searching for, thanks to a savvy choice as part of the pub's last revamp: turning an abandoned space into a garden bar and container lounge. In the former, you'll find living, thriving plants adding a splash of colour and vibrancy. In the latter you'll find them coming down from the ceiling. With beers and doughnuts also on offer, what more could you want?



English-themed bars aren't unique in Brisbane, and nor are quaint little spaces that show that good things come in small packages. Making its home on Latrobe Terrace, Hope and Anchor ticks both boxes — but, it also offers something different. That'd be a greenhouse, aka a plant-filled respite from the gloriously dark and inviting interior. Yes, that means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds here, hopping from greenery and slivers of sunshine to the dimly lit main room whenever you feel like it.



Giant trees? Check. Shrubbery galore? Check. Astroturf to both walk and sit on? Check again. At Sixes and Sevens offers up both real and fake forms of greenery, and doesn't stop the theme there. Log stools, plant wallpaper and cushions, emerald tiles and tones, green beverages — someone really wants the concept to hit home, and thankfully it does. In fact, you'll forget that you're on James Street pretty quickly.


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Published on March 15, 2017 by Sarah Ward

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