Cutting Food With Electromagnetic Lasers

Peer into your kitchen of the future.

Technology has made many of the household items we once relied upon redundant. The Yellow Pages, CD players, and shopping lists are all rapidly becoming relics of a pre-smart phone, pre-digital era. And if designer and inventor, Andrey Kokorin has anything to do with it, the kitchens of the future will also replace knives with electromagnetic lasers.

The 'Innovative Laser Device For Cutting Of Foodstuff' uses a series of rotating rings fitted with electromagnets and controlled by an internal microprocessor to slice food into whatever shape your appetite desires. Simply place the food in the spherical pod, customise the shape and size of your slice (with anything from spirals to smily-faces available) and press 'Go'.

This groundbreaking, and ecologically friendly, creation was submitted by Kokorin for the James Dyson Award, an internationally renowned competition for young innovators to come up with problem-solving inventions. For Kokorin the inspiration came from a study of kitchen knives and discovering that they can be a hotbed for infectious disease.

Peer into your kitchen of the future with this video of the pod in action.

Published on September 03, 2012 by Sean Robertson

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