Digitise Your Notes with Moleskine’s Smart Notebook

The lines between the digital and non-digital world are becoming ever thinner and more transparent.

Digitise your notes and hold them forever without losing the art of touching ink to paper. The line between the digital and non-digital world becomes ever thinner and more transparent with the influx of nifty new technologies like Moleskine's Smart Notebook. This notebook changes the world of handwritten notes as it allows you to photograph them, upload them onto note-taking program Evernote, and view them on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The notebook is for sketches or brainstorms which require old-school pen and paper, but can still conveniently be stored digitally.

The Smart Notebook makes your notes, sketches, lists etc. incredibly "accessible, searchable, and shareable." After you've uploaded your notes onto Evernote, you can store them easily, look through them on screen, and easily share them with friends, family or work colleagues.

Moleskine's notebook also comes with stickers or tags, so that you can group relevant notes together and make it much easier to sift through and search for various notes or drawings. On the Evernote app, it is easy to search for tags or keywords to easily find past notes. It also does helpful things, like automatically straightening images according to the lines of the notebook.

Each Moleskine Smart Notebook comes with a three month Evernote subscription, so you can could theoretically make use of their service by simply buying a new book every three months.

Published on September 03, 2012 by Greta Mayr

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