Join 399 other yogis in a silent vinyasa.

My yoga studio has a basketball court below it. During a calming session of yoga, it is not uncommon to hear the piercing screech of a whistle, frequent cheering and the intermittent shrieks of "Great shot Mike!". One time, I kid you not, there was a marching band procession going down, and the instructor had to calmly try and talk over the incessant drumming. Quite un-zen. Flow After Dark Silent Disco Yoga seeks to give yoga enthusiasts the exact opposite experience.

How exactly does one silent disco yoga? Quite easily with the introduction of wireless headphones. These bad boys give participants a one-on-one with instructor, Flow Athletic co-founder Kate Kendall, while simultaneously pumping out beats from Sydney DJ James Mack. Also, they're neon.

This one-off, 90-minute Vinyasa yoga session will see a whopping 400 yogis come together at Melbourne Town Hall It's probably your best (possibly only) chance to show off your best warrior pose while simultaneously listening to some seriously smooth music. Silently.

Published on March 12, 2017 by Natalie Freeland

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