This New Australian Wine Company Has Launched 'Classy' Goon Sacks

Tote Wines aren't the cheap receptacles of doom juice you used to obliterate at uni parties.

Barossa Valley has a new winemaker in town and they're classing up the humble goon sack. Tote Wines is taking a distinct turn from the cheap plonk receptacles we're used to and introducing premium bagged wines into the Australian market — picked, produced and packaged in the Barossa Valley, no less.

Developed for "active Australians", Tote Wines is geared toward those who love to bring a bit of wine on an outdoor adventure, but don't want to bring glass bottles along for the ride. Their lightweight and break-proof packaging acts as a practical alternative to accompany a hiking, camping or boating trip. Each 1.5L pouch comes complete with a tap (not of the lay-back variety), has a shelf life of up to twelve months prior to opening and remains fresh for four weeks once opened.

Positioning themselves as an eco-friendly, high quality alternative, the recyclable pouches also produce one fifth the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process than glass bottles. For now, they're only producing a Barossa Valley Shiraz and Eden Valley Sauvignon Blanc out of their brand new facility in the heart of the Barossa Valley. Their wine specialists are focused on sourcing the best grapes for each wine, so drinkers should be getting a much tastier experience than one would usually associate with drinking wine from a bag.

All Tote Wines are available purchase the on their website, but only by the carton of six ($179.70) — so some commitment to the idea is a must. Tote Wines are supremely confident though and promise a 100 percent discount (minus shipping) for any unsatisfied customers.

While drinking wine from a plastic tap still brings back some fond and somewhat deplorable uni memories for us, it will be interesting to see how these wines hold up in a market of such world-class winemakers and to see if the goon bag mentality can be replaced by this classed-up affair.

Published on April 10, 2017 by Marissa Ciampi

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