Three Ways to Use Rum

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A recipe for a classic cocktail and something a little more extravagant.

It's great that rum is no longer only associated with pirates and over the top tiki bars. In the past few years we've seen a resurgence of this spirit that's born from sugarcane — it now doesn't just appear in the mojito, but is a staple of the bar menu. Bartenders regularly use rum to spice up classic cocktails and create over the top drinks. Sydney has many specialty rum bars in which knowledgeable bartenders (who know the difference between light and dark rum) perfectly mix up rum cocktails and know exactly what to mix with each type.

In partnership with Baron Samedi Spiced, we asked our friends at The Lobo Plantation in Sydney for a few ways to use rum — so we can reignite our love for this tropical spirit and shake up our at-home cocktail routine.



An old fashioned is a classic cocktail, often enjoyed with whisky, but best enjoyed with rum. It's a simple combination of rum, bitters and orange peel — easy to make, and a great way to take time to taste the flavours in your rum (rather than having it mixed into a tropical cocktail where the other flavours will overwhelm it). To make the The Lobo Plantation old fashioned, simply fill an old fashioned glass (the same size as a Negroni glass) with ice, add a shot of Baron Samedi Spiced (4oml), a splash of bitters and sugar syrup and stir it all together gently for 30 seconds. Top with an orange peel for a little citrus twist.



Another classic way to enjoy rum is to mix it into a tropical, colourful cocktail and pretend you're on holiday. This type of drink should preferably be served in an extravagant glass, or served with a creative garnish (The Lobo Plantation serve theirs with a mini pineapple on top). To make The Lobo Plantation's Carribean-inspired Bajan Julep, build crushed ice into a tall glass and add a shot (40ml) of Baron Samedi Spiced. Mix in a dash of blackberry liqueur and a dash of fresh lemon juice, then add a teaspoon of passionfruit, a teaspoon of sugar and top it all off with ginger beer.



If you've decided that you really like rum, an easy, delicious way to enjoy it is to drink it on its own, stirred with a little ice. Rum was manufactured, distilled and made long before any other spirit was, and each brand has developed its own particular flavours and methods of distillation.

Baron Samedi Spiced is infused with vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon that give off rich flavours of butterscotch, coffee and vanilla. Like whisky, when you sip rum the flavours are much more apparent. Although rum is made by distilling the byproducts of sugarcane — that long grass that's prevalent in countries like the Carribean and the Philippines, it tastes much more complex than that. It's delicious.


Images: Kimberley Low at The Lobo Plantation. 

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