Canada Resoundingly Named World's Best Travel Destination of 2017

Three leading international publishers have crowned the US's northern neighbour.

In the months since hell decided to casually freeze over and see Donald J. Trump installed on the Iron Throne, things have seemed bleak for the future of American tourism. And they probably are! Now to add insult to injury: Canada has been voted as this year's best travel destination by not only Lonely Planet, but NY Times and Conde Nast too.

America's northern neighbour is finally getting the recognition it deserves for being, well, mostly stable while Canada's Pants goes off the rails. No seriously. Canada's comparable safety and stability have been cited as big contributing factors to why the maple syrup capital of the world has won the prestigious title. The Great White North really does have all the tasty stuff you may once have sought out in the US: vast, punishing wilderness, vibrant capital cities (from big ol' Toronto and Ottawa to film-loving Vancouver and French havens Montréal and Québec City), Grammy-winning artists and ridiculously decadent national cuisines (wassup, poutine) — with a relatively much less controversial leader.

Colombia, Chile and Croatia all feature in the top lists too, as well as oft overlooked but bountiful Scandinavian countries Finland, Sweden and Norway. Look, if the US election outcome has given us anything (other than a golden era of SNL) it's the chance to temporarily give up on the American road trip dream for four years and set our holiday sights on neighbouring, Drake-raising destinations.

Via AFR.

Published on February 09, 2017 by Imogen Baker

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