Same Delightful Dog-Adoring Rom-Com Sitcom, But with a Few New Tricks: That's 'Colin From Accounts' Season Two

Created by and starring Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall, this award-winner has gone from "will they or won’t they?" to "should've they or should've they not?".
Sarah Ward
Published on May 30, 2024

When Colin From Accounts arrived for its first season in 2022 with a nipple flash, a dog and strangers committing to take care of a cute injured animal together after a meet-cute, it also began with a "will they, won't they?" story. Ashley (Harriet Dyer, The Invisible Man) and Gordon (Patrick Brammall, Evil) crossed paths in the street in Sydney when she gave him a random peek, then he was distracted behind the wheel. Thanks to the titular pet, the pair were soon intricately involved in each other's lives — and, as they endeavoured to work out what that actually meant, sift through their feelings for one another and navigate the respective chaos that fills everyone's existence anyway, a delightful small-screen Australian rom-com (and one of that year's best new TV shows) was the end result.

In season two, which streams weekly on Binge from Thursday, May 30, the series picks up after the duo gave Colin From Accounts to new owners at the end of the show's debut batch of episodes, then immediately regretted the decision. A couple of things are different from the outset: after moving in together, Gordon and Ashley are on a quest to get their pup back and they'll stop at almost nothing for their family to be reunited; also, this award-winning series is now in "should've they or should've they not?" territory about its central romance. (Moving from an all-at-once release to week-by-week instalments is another change for viewers.)

Falling in love is easy. Being in the honeymoon period, whether or not you've tied the knot — Colin From Accounts' protagonists haven't — is clearcut, too. Taking a relationship further means peeling away the rosy and glowing surface, however, which is where the series follows its medical student and Inner West microbrewery owner in its second season. A television romantic-comedy with longevity can't be solely fuelled by fluttering hearts and butterflies in stomachs, especially one that's as dedicated to eschewing saccharine cliches as this. Colin From Accounts isn't afraid to be sweet, but a not-insignificant amount of its charm comes from feeling lived in as Ash and Gordon's romance keeps developing.

Same show, but with a few new tricks: that's season two, then. Like relationship, like series: when it comes to diving deeper than the first season, that also fits. There has always been a spark between Colin From Accounts' lead characters, or else it wouldn't have made it to air in the first place, but the program's return digs into the reality that taking the next step for any couple is a dance through love's equivalent of dog mess on an otherwise pristine lawn. No matter how well you plot out a clear path, how flexible and adaptable you are to obstacles, and how determined you are to evade the crap, no one can avoid dirty shoes 100-percent of the time.

As season two sees Ash and Gordon confronting the everyday details of intertwining their lives, it also has them tackling a range of relatable questions again. This round inspires plenty, in fact. Is there more than just chemistry between them? How much do shared interests count? Does a lack of commonalities cast a shadow, and their age gap as well? Will their routines knit together easily enough? Can they weather setbacks and roadblocks, unpack historical baggage and make space for a new way forward? How will their respective dating histories colour the first real serious relationship that they've each been in? Also, as they continue getting to know each other better — warts and all, and through secrets and surprises — will they still feel the same way?

Ash and Gordon have another query to face at the outset of this new set of chapters: without Colin binding them together, who are they are a twosome? The first new instalment starts with a happy park playdate and all seeming being well, until it's revealed that the dog's former guardians are just pestering his new ones (Bump's Sam Cotton and Home and Away's Sophie Bloom), who'd really like them to go bark up another tree. From there, unexpected news, meeting family members, former flames and more await, all with their own tests. Plus, Ash's best friend Megan (Emma Harvie, In Limbo) and Gordon's counterpart Chiara (Genevieve Hegney, In Our Blood) are using the couple's home as a love nest while embarking upon an affair, while brewery employee Brett (Michael Logo, High Country) is being pushed out of home by his parents.

Creators, writers and stars Dyer and Brammall keep performing their parts to perfection; given that they're married IRL and no strangers to working side by side (see: the also-excellent No Activity, which ran for two seasons between 2015–18), the charisma between them isn't hard to maintain. Neither is the naturalism in their portrayals, but they're not just playing themselves. As scribes, Dyer and Brammall are also particularly gifted with dialogue, ensuring that everything that the show's characters are saying always feels authentic. Sometimes the banter is amusing, sometimes it's heartfelt, and it can be acerbic and insightful, too — and all of the above combined — but it never sounds like something that works fine on the page yet no one would ever utter aloud.

When it initially bolted out of the gate, Colin From Accounts was a fast homegrown hit, then had audiences overseas swooning as well. A series this genuinely funny, heartfelt and honest, and that manages to be light yet weighty and grounded, was always going to earn affection — and the same remains true in season two. Again, Dyer and Brammall have crafted a gem that bounces by with help from its directors (the returning Trent O'Donnell and Madeleine Dyer do the honours once more in season two, plus Summer Love's Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope), and that plays like hanging out with old friends. And yes, in lead, supporting and guest roles alike, casting is another of its treats — including with new additions such as Celeste Barber (Wellmania), Justin Rosniak (Wolf Like Me) and Aunty Donna's Broden Kelly (Aunty Donna's Coffee Cafe) this time around.

Check out the trailer for Colin From Accounts season two below:

Colin From Accounts season two streams via Binge from Thursday, May 30, 2024.

Images: Lisa Tomasetti / Joel Pratley.

Published on May 30, 2024 by Sarah Ward
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