This Aussie Website Will Turn Your Pet's Cute Face Into Your Own Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

You've already spent so long gazing at Fido, Fluffy, Polly or Nemo, so this should be the easiest jigsaw that you've ever done.
Sarah Ward
Published on August 10, 2020

Whether you share your life with a tail-wagging puppy, a cat that sleeps all day, a vocal parrot or a colourful little fish, if you're a pet owner, you can show your love for your chosen companion in a variety of ways. You can attend a boozy art class and paint a picture of them. Firmly fitting in with the times, you can get their photo plastered across a mask. And, in another pitch-perfect 2020 option, you can also buy a jigsaw puzzle emblazoned with their cute little face.

Smoochy Poochy is the Australian company helping you piece together a portrait of Fido, Fluffy, Polly or Nemo — and, while you can obviously opt for whatever kind of personalised puzzle you like, why wouldn't you want one of your pet? Think of it this way: you've already spent so long gazing at them because they're just so adorable, and you've well and truly committed their face to your memory in the process, so this should be the easiest jigsaw that you've ever done.

A number of sizes are available, which means that you can decide just how much of a challenge you're after. If you're eager to go big, you can opt for a 1000-piece puzzle that measures 50.2 centimetres by 76 centimetres, which is the largest size. Otherwise, you can pick between 12, 30, 35, 60, 88, 100, 120, 180, 200, 300 or 500 pieces.

Prices range from $28.95 for the smallest puzzle, up to $59.95 for the largest. And if you'd like to provide more than one photo for a single puzzle — as uploaded via the company's website — you can. Smoochy Poochy will even create the collage for you, for free if it uses four or fewer photos, and at an extra price for five or more pictures.

Smoochy Poochy's personalised pet puzzles are available to order via the company's website.

Published on August 10, 2020 by Sarah Ward
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