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The Ten Best Business Lunch Spots in Auckland

Put down the Vivid-marked snaplock bag and fork out for a business lunch.
By Jessie Beasley
September 10, 2015

The Ten Best Business Lunch Spots in Auckland

Put down the Vivid-marked snaplock bag and fork out for a business lunch.
By Jessie Beasley
September 10, 2015


Put down the Vivid-marked snaplock bag and fork out for a business lunch.

We know there's nothing better than nabbing a free lunch from the work fridge and washing it down with a plastic cup of cooler water while watching YouTube tutorials on training your gerbil. But sometimes in business you need to put down the Vivid-marked snaplock bag, slap on some slacks and pick up a pen to impress a client, sign the deal or have a team meeting. That's right, you need to fork out for a business lunch.

So pack your briefcase, put on your sock garters and pull up your nude stockings. We've gone through and found the ten best business lunch spots in Auckland. Places where you can enjoy a damn decent meal, sink a few drinks, show off to your clients and colleagues and, most importantly, write it all off as a work expense.

  • 10

    For many years, 52 to be exact, you would have had to travel down the line to enjoy the Matterhorn’s hospitality. However, this year, you’re able to enjoy the Matterhorn in it’s complete (Auckland) entirety. Located on Drake Street in the Victoria Park Markets it is in the ideal location to enjoy a chin-wag with some colleagues, clients or your boss. Take the time to cruise the menu options, including wild rabbit and red deer and enjoy the warm dark setting, perfect for those unpredictable winter/spring days us Aucklanders are used to.

  • 9
    The White Rabbit

    This classic Custom Street corner has had a revamp and is flooded with natural light, provided by large double sash windows surrounding the building. Now, I’m a sucker for a well-cushioned bench seat and The White Rabbit drew me in stronger than a sale on at Briscoes. Damn sucker. I know of nothing better in life than slouching yourself on one of those spacious seats, sipping on a tall glass of (free) Pino and listening to a good old fashion sales pitch. (If you’re pitching, tough luck, give up the cushion). Either way you can sit back, relax and soak up the unique character Custom Street has to over.

  • 8
    Odette's Eatery

    Nestled in the City Works Depot, Odettes is bursting with a lively ambiance, modern relaxed design, great music, friendly helpful staff and the loud chatter from the local agency-goers (mainly repeating that they work there and using plenty of acronyms to impress each other). Tuck into their noon menu which consists of a range of sharing plates, if you’re like me just get your waiter to choose for you and save yourself a sales pitch to each other on what you should indulge in. But either way, everything is good.

  • 7
    Phil's Kitchen

    Located in the heart of Kingsland, Phil has got the locals raving about his new establishment. The daily changing menu is kept concise, with two entrees, two mains, and, you guessed it, two desserts. Nonetheless, you can expect fresh, seasonal produce, well thought through flavors while are crafted into delicious modern meals. Of course, the donuts were the crowd pleaser of the day, baked by Phil and his chefs themselves. They enveloped the gooey caramel center as long as they possibly could, before giving in at the perfect moment. Donut you agree. Phil’s Kitchen is the perfect locale for an intermate one-on-one encounter and, as a bonus, you can use it as a go-to meeting spot again and again knowing you’ll be able to try something different each time.

  • 6
    The Lunchroom

    Put down your plastic tray, The Lunchroom has been working hard to break down the barriers for your typical office lobby cafes. That’s right, I went out of our way to visit this establishment…as in drove. I drove and parking took longer than walking. The Lunchroom is nestled deep in the bustling Auckland CBD area, high above and able to overlook the hectic Britomart intersection through the large floor to ceiling windows, which seems awfully inspiring and great the you creative types, or just a perfect 10/10 people-watching zone. Enjoy a quick bite from the cabinet or a longer lunch with their friendly service available until four in the pm.

  • 5
    The Glass Goose

    Tucked in the popular Federal Street, The Glass Goose offers you a perfect spot for a ‘casual catch up’ while still impressing your guest(s) with your ever-extensive knowledge of this concrete jungle we call Auckland. Spring up the stairs (followed by a short break to focus on not dying) and enjoy the large covered rooftop area, featuring a unique perspective on the city, high bar leaners and large tables to fit groups. I myself, can’t go past a good cheeseboard or the duck fat potato skins, so I recommend acquiring a set of those puppies and some of The Glass Goose signature cocktails to match, then settle in enjoy the good tunes provided amongst the high rises.

  • 4
    Welcome Eatery

    Local Grafton businesses have been yearning for an approachable, relaxed grazing ground. Enter, Welcome Eatery. Offering a large indoor space, lively green plants and even more alive (not to mention very friendly) staff. Welcome Eatery is a local go-to for business, man. Backing onto a number of large businesses around the area and an open kitchen and service area, allow yourself to become immersed in the bustling space and energetic atmosphere. Their menu and cabinet food offers a range of delicious wholesome food and sweets, including weekly specials, which you can keep up to date with via their Facebook page.

  • 3

    Located in the Seafarers building, Ostro, provides you with the bounties of the sea and local land served in exquisite fashion while allowing it’s guests, and your clients, to be captivated by the Auckland harbour view. Grab a table on the harbour view side, order up a few oysters and allow one of the staff to whip you up a beverage (or two) in the central bar to match. The Seafarers building also plays host to an exclusive members club, which allows you access to shared workspace, meeting rooms, screening rooms and the rooftop bar. Ostro is also situated in Auckland’s main watering hole, so we recommend booking a late afternoon meeting, picking a large table to spread out your plans, presentations and then morals later into the evening.

  • 2
    The Botanist

    The beautiful, light and airy space, complemented by the in-house florist/shrubbery enthusiast and ample parking makes The Botanist one of the best spots to enjoy a quick light lunch from the cabinet. Choose from an array of colorful salads and toasted wraps, matched with either their own special blend from Three Beans Coffee or a freshly squeezed juice (to make you feel healthy AF). A ten-seater communal table provides space for larger groups, potential to show off your Excel skills or just take a flat lay (you know). With smaller tables, higher window sill seats and sun-drenched outdoor ones you won’t need to fret about pre-booking to nab the best table in the glasshouse.

  • 1
    The Blue Breeze Inn

    There’s nothing better than sinking a few Kirin’s, talking spreadsheets for a minute then breezing away the afternoon. Ticking all those boxes, Blue Breeze, seems like the perfect spot to conduct business, with plentiful seating options you have to choice to perch yourself on a comfy low covered outdoor seats for an intimate one on one session, more indoor and outdoor tables cater for four to six and inside tables available for an even larger gaggle. Their easy online booking system means you won’t be left out in the cold on a busy lunch rush. All their food is made for sharing, so once you’ve breezed your way over the large range of options, matched by an equally as substantial wine, beer and rum list, you’ll no doubt have a pile of delicious (and somewhat spicy) food to stick your gob into. Not to mention, if you’ve brought in-decisive Sally one of their very capable staff will be able to recommend said Lunchables for the table.

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