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By Sarah Ward
October 09, 2017

One the Bear — Black Honey Company and La Boite

The latest feminist hip hop effort from Black Honey Company.
By Sarah Ward
October 09, 2017

Two bears wander around a dystopian world, trying to cope with their surroundings. They're best friends, they're attempting to avoid human hunters, and they dream of a time when bears could be free. If you've spotted some real-life parallels in the tale of One and Ursula, you're supposed to. The latest production by Black Honey Company, it's their latest work of black radical feminism.

One the Bear steps through the furry duo's lives — including eating fish fingers rather than real fish — as a change occurs. One gets the chance to speak for their tribe, and finally ask for more. What results is an exploration of everything from identity and friendship to culture and appropriation, and it's hitting the La Boite stage from October 10 to 21.

Written and composed by Candy B and Busty Beatz (aka Candy and Kim Bowers), and performed by the former with Nancy Denis, this isn't your usual theatre production. When we say it's hip hop, we mean it. Absolutely everything spoken is said in rhyme, with the show slinging couplets like it's slinging probing themes.

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