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By Hudson Brown
June 08, 2018

Koji Ryui Sound Demonstrations

The artist is teaming up with a musician for an impromptu performance within the installation.
By Hudson Brown
June 08, 2018

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As a serial collector of 'the commonplace', artist Koji Ryui works with objects that might appear banal on the surface. But, in his studio, Ryui repurposes the materials into creative statements that are far from ordinary. Originally from the cultural hub of Kyoto, Ryui will activate a dilapidated warehouse on Cockatoo Island for the 21st Biennale of Sydney with a unique installation and sound demonstration entitled Jamais Vu. 

The installation is named after the phenomenon of 'jamais vu' – a sensation that's often described as the opposite of déjà vu – involving the eerie feeling of recognising a commonplace event, and yet being totally unfamiliar with it.

A site-specific work, Ryui has taken poly-coated wiring from the average clothing rack, alongside several colourful glass spheres, to create a suspended installation resembling an interwoven cosmic map or complex molecular structure. Below, a carefully configured collection of homely glassware and crystal allows Ryui to generate a ghostly soundscape throughout the space using only reverberation and resonance.

On Sunday, June 10 from 11am–2pm, Ryui is teaming up with artist and musician Anna John for an eerie sound demonstration held within his installation. Entry to the sound show is free.

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