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By Sarah Ward
September 11, 2016

Silent Disco Ice Skating Festival

If you fall over at a silent ice skating fest, can anyone hear you scream?
By Sarah Ward
September 11, 2016

Dancing in a crowded room while tunes are piped directly into everyone's ears via wireless headphones? That's yesterday's news. Today, it's all about skating on ice while doing the same. Or, at Sydney's first Silent Disco Ice Skating Festival, it will be from September 23 to 29.

Taking place at Central Park Mall's Chippendale Green, the event really shouldn't need much explanation — but here goes. You'll glide around on the ice pretending that you're in Blades of Glory, Ice Princess or the three-strong The Cutting Edge film series, all while two live DJs play everything from old school classics to newly released tracks, and you listen in via your own personal head-set.

While ice skating at the pop-up venue is an all-day affair, with the rink opening at 10am daily, the space doesn't turn into a silent disco until 4pm each afternoon. The 45-minute sessions are limited to 45 participants at any one time, and kick off on the hour, every hour. Oh, and they're free, so expect them to be rather busy.

Generations in the future, we'll tell our kids about a time when people moved in public to music that even passersby could hear, and they won't believe us. Other than offering a whole lotta fun, the Silent Disco Ice Skating Festival might also answer the question we know you're now pondering: if you fall over at a silent ice skating fest, can anyone hear you scream?

The Silent Disco Ice Skating Festival takes place from September 23 to 29 at Chippendale Green, Central Park Mall, 28 Broadway, Chippendale. For more information, visit the event website.

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