Six Fun and Completely Free Ways to Work Out at Home

From Lizzo-backed dance routines to yoga classes with dogs and old-school Jane Fonda videos, here's how to work up a sweat without spending a dime.
Marissa Ciampi
Published on March 18, 2020

Whether you're self-isolating or social-distancing, we bet your couch has seen more of you in the past week than it has all year long. And if you've been looking for some motivation to (temporarily) pause powering through your chocolate reserves and flipping between Netflix and COVID-19 news, here it is: free fun workouts. While you can't get to the gym or go to your bootcamp, you can work up a sweat at home without spending a dime — and without running 66 kilometres in laps around your apartment like this guy. Here are some actually fun (and free) ways to work out at home.



If you want to get fit like the pros, the Nike Training Club is the way to do it. The app offers over 190 free workouts focused on strength training, cardio, endurance and even yoga and mobility. These workouts have been designed by the Nike Master Trainers, who offer video guidance via the app. Workouts are designed for all fitness levels and heaps are body weight-only, so you don't need at-home equipment, either. The more workouts you complete, the more customised the app becomes, and it even offers daily recommendations for regular users. Basically, it's created to make you feel like you have a personal trainer in your living room.

Download the free Nike Training Club app for iOS or Android.



Yoga trainer Adriene Mishler must be doing something right — she has over 6.55 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her chilled-out and calming disposition make her one of the best online yogis out there. And she has a lot of videos up, with more to come, too — so you you won't run out of workouts anytime soon. Her classes are also much more specialised than your average hatha, with videos themed around yoga for almost anything and anyone. Yoga for hangovers. Yoga for writers. Yoga for chefs. For runners, self-love, cramps, couch potatoes and lower back pain — which may be particularly important in this work-from-home culture. Mishler also offers a 30-day class flow, which you can follow along with daily. Oh, and you'll also get to work out with her dog, Benjamin the blue heeler.

Check out all of Yoga with Adriene's videos on her YouTube channel.



Odds are, you aren't just going stir crazy physically, but mentally, too. It's important now more than ever to check in with yourself, watch your stress levels and look after your mental health. One of the ways to do this from home is through guided meditation. While there are heaps of meditation and mindfulness apps out there, Smiling Mind is absolutely free. So, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a meditation guru without the monthly subscription fee — and without leaving the house. The app only suggests ten minute a day, so it isn't a huge commitment, either. Its offering is broken down into age groups, too, and even offers meditation for kids and teenagers.

Download the free Smiling Mind app for iOS or Android.



When you're staring down the barrel of a few weeks (or more) at home, it can be good to have a daily exercise goal to keep you sane. This 30-Day Squat Challenge app offers just that. The month-long workout plan focuses on — you guessed it — squats, but there isn't just one way to do this move, either. The app focuses on a whopping 13 squat variations used across six different workouts. The intensity of the workout increases by the day, so that on day 30 you'll be a squat master — and have the booty to show for it.

Download the free 30 Day Squat Challenge app for iOS or Android.



For a fun workout at home (that'll have you smiling if not sweating), it's time to start following fitness teacher Caleb Marshall. His YouTube channel already has 2.3 million subscribers, and for good reason — his workouts are actually fun. They're more dance classes than workouts, and you'll be grooving along to pop songs. Think Work by Rhianna, Truth Hurts by Lizzo and Womanizer by Britney Spears. Marshall's dance moves are for novices, not the pros — so anyone really can join in. And most of his videos are only the length of one song (three–four minutes long), so you can even dance along as part of a quick five-minute break.

Check out all of The Fitness Marshall's videos on his YouTube channel.



If you haven't watched the famous 1982 VHS Jane Fonda's Workout, you've definitely heard of it. Selling over 17 million copies, the video workout accompanied Fonda's bestselling book of the same name. While you can't watch the OG VHS for free, you can watch a heap of Fonda's slightly-more-recent videos on the BeFit YouTube channel. These oldies-but-goodies are fun, easy and a bit of a laugh. Fonda offers a wide range of workouts, from cardio and fat burning to yoga energy booster and even a questionable dance class. So dust off your leg warmers and sweatbands and prepare for some indoor aerobics.

Check out all of BeFit's Jane Fonda YouTube videos over here.

Published on March 18, 2020 by Marissa Ciampi
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