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Ten Helpful Hangover Cures

Rather than just waiting out the torture of the self-inflicted pain you have forced upon yourself, try some natural hangover cures...

By Greta Mayr
September 07, 2012
By Greta Mayr
September 07, 2012

For most of us on the morning after a big night out, our time is generally spent lounging around complaining, taking painkillers, drinking sports drinks, filling the bottomless pit that is your stomach with truckloads of the greasiest foods you can find and generally just waiting out the torture of the self-inflicted pain you have forced upon yourself. While this may seem like the only option of how to handle your hangover at the time, there are actually a plethora of natural methods which will rid you of that dreaded ill feeling or at least make you feel slightly more bubbly.

Rather than just avoiding hangovers altogether by stopping at the second drink — which let's face it isn't going to happen at those big celebrations — suggests a few fresh and healthy ways to cure the hangover and get you back on your feet and functioning like a normal human being again.

Miso Soup and Eggs

Despite what you may be thinking by looking at the picture, this funky combination of miso soups and eggs is actually a great Japanese-inspired hangover cure because of the nutrients that it replenishes you with, which you lost from the previous night of drinking. Stacked full of sodium, water and electrolytes as well as probiotics to subdue that queasy stomach, this trick will be sure to get you charging for the rest of the day.


Omega-3 is a fantastic nutrient to take to alleviate hangovers as it helps clear the free radicals produced when alcohol is broken down.  Omega-3 also helps fight the dry, blotchy skin on your face, which alcohol causes.

Have a cuddle

To dim your stress levels and get yourself feeling better just have a 20 second Oxytocin-releasing hug. Studies have shown that after a 20 second embrace with someone, oxytocin will be released, which helps relax and repair your body. Inconclusive evidence has also shown that having sex is a great hangover cure - probably largely due to the hormones released, but also cause it will simply take your mind off the pain.

Get a Massage

Massages are very helpful the morning after a night out, not only because of the release of happy hormones such as oxytocin but also because they have been proven to help your body produce more white blood cells and thus boost your immune system. So if you're looking for an excuse to treat yourself, simply have a few more shots.

Take a Dip

One of the most effective (and nice) ways to cure a hangover is to submerge yourself is some refreshingly cool water and have a swim around. Find yourself a body of water - preferably a beautiful white sandy beach with a radiant, shining sun - and have a dunk to wake yourself up, clear the head and rejuvenate yourself for the day ahead.

Go Bananas

Bananas are a great source of potassium and vitamin B, which help replenish your body's lost nutrients, and they also rehydrate your dehydrated body. And what better way to consume them than by making a delicious smoothie. Alternatively, a berry smoothie would also go down a treat because of the antioxidants within them. Mix it up with almond milk to make it twice as effective as the healthy fats, oils and vitamins in the almonds will help get you back on your feet.

Drink Some Coconut

Coconut water can be extracted from coconuts while they're still very green and not mature enough to produce milk. This wonder fluid has been used intravenously in medical emergencies for rehydration, so it's pretty safe to say it'll do wonders for your hangover. It also has no fat, is low in calories and is lower in sugar than most other juices — it's a win-win!

Kombucha Tea

Despite it's not-so-delicious looking floaties and somewhat sour apple cider vinegar flavour, Kombucha tea is a fermented miracle drink which is great for liver stimulation or detoxification, blood purification and even euphoria. So to replace your vacant look of pain and regret with a beaming smile, simply get yourself some Kombucha tea.

Pickle Juice

Although this last one is somewhat disputed, pickle juice is the cure of choice in Poland and has been shown to be highly effective in quelling the effects of the hangover. The sodium of the juice helps you bring your electrolyte levels back up in order to help you rehydrate. Honey is also a great addition not only to lessen some of the awful taste, but also because the glucose and fructose assists the rehydration process.

Published on September 07, 2012 by Greta Mayr


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