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By Barret Helander
June 01, 2014
By Barret Helander
June 01, 2014

Popular Auckland outfit 'Beach Pigs', may seem like your everyday young band, but they are miles ahead for their age. Following their instincts and using initiative, they have been working hard to ensure their place in the New Zealand music industry. Their image portrays a group that knows how to party (maybe too well), but what the public doesn't see is the work they put in during the day.

They emailed my publisher announcing their new video and offering to do an interview with someone (a request we sometimes get from a big bands PR company, but rarely directly from a band). Work like that reflects a really strong work ethic, so I got in touch with the vocalist (Dahnu Graham) to learn more.

Is 'Beach pigs' a reference to The Bay of Pigs? If so, why? If not, what does it mean?

The name came from a movie Dan (band member) was watching one day at a friends studio. Wild Pigs would come down to the beach and cause ruckus on the people bathing there. "That'll be a sick name for the band... Beach Pigs." And even with outside forces wanting us to change it, it only made us like the name even more.

Your new video gives the impression that friendship is really important to you guys and almost feels like part of the inspiration for your music. Is this the case? Where else do you find inspiration?

Inspiration for the album came from where we're at - as a band and as people. We were young dudes trying to find our feet in this crazy and forever changing world. Yes we were making mistakes and taking on challenges - at a drop of a hat going on adventures -  good or bad outcome, it didn't matter because we were learning from these experiences... and we were doing it all with really good mates.

Who are some influences that have led you to your sound?

There's lots of music that we really love - Beatles; Pixies, Kanye West, Taylor Swift and the list goes on but in our music there's a little of ourselves in it and we've kept it like that. We all come from different backgrounds and we enjoy what each bring to the table to create the Beach Pigs sound.

Favourite venue to play and why?

We love the Kings Arms and the late Mighty Mighty. Always had an awesome time at these venues. The venue staff are unbeatable and we always feel welcome.

Loosest gig/tour story.

Hahaha every band should have a camera crew on a tour - why I'm so attracted to being in a band is the things that happen. And its awesome because your sharing the moment with a group friends. There is to many stories. The end of The Full Mango Tour gig is one that comes to mind but there's also heaps of house parties that went off as well.

Any big plans on where you want music to take you and do you all plan to see this band through till the end?

Around the world... many times... for years to come. Our music in epic scenes in movies. The end hahaha (we will work hard at it).

Bob Frisbee, was it essential to get him for the album?

He has been essential to making this album with us and we haven't stopped working with him since recording the E.P.  We couldn't of produced this album without the Jedi master Bob Frisbee. We've been very fortunate and humbled to be working with him.

How have you found the support you acquired from Arch Hill Records?

Arch Hill released our E.P on vinyl and online outlets and the support in getting our songs onto TV series and adverts. It has been awesome for Beach Pigs exposure and the bank account.

House party or venue?

House Party. BYO, heaps of friends and the possibility of getting as loose as you can go... you can't beat it eh?

Do you have independent projects outside of Beach Pigs? Do you think it is important to vent independent vision to relieve tensions created through collaboration?

Suren makes electronica music and I feature on a couple of his tracks with vocals. Billy plays drums for another band - yea I think it is good. Whatever is being created in other projects is only going to enhance your ability in all realms of sound.

How close are you guys to one another?

We are really good friends.

To eliminate the disadvantage of not getting the chance to meet you guys, include some information we should know about the boys. What makes you different or similar to the everyday jaffa?

Dan is a painter by trade. Billy is a tradesmen. Suren is a sound engineer and awesome camera operator.  And I'm an actor/ kitchen hand.

The boys are definitely a light hearted bunch, but you need look no further than their day jobs to see that they know the meaning of hard work and it shows in their fast ascension in the local industry.

Published on June 01, 2014 by Barret Helander


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