Goods & Service

One for those "a little bit left of centre."
Stephen Heard
October 02, 2014


Under the retro AKAI sign down Galatos Street you’ll find an unmarked roller door. If you pop your head in and go up the stairs to the right, you’ll truly feel like you’re walking into somewhere you shouldn’t - but that’s all part of the appeal and the experience.

Goods & Service is the former VIP bar out the back of K’Rd’s The Studio venue. Fortunately, they've kicked out the celebs and it’s now been transformed into a public watering hole, catering to those "a little bit left of centre.” Thanks to the unmarked access, the bar carries a similar ‘secret society’ vibe that Ponsonby’s Golden Dawn encompassed when it initially opened. Once you reach the zenith, you’ll be welcomed in open arms with moody lighting, a vintage film on the projector, grandiose seating and trinkets (including a stuffed possum) on the walls.

Beers fall in the ever-popular craft category - traversing breweries Panhead, Liberty and Yeastie Boys. The singular option on tap is the malty Old House Extra Special Bitter from Townshend, the brewery named New Zealand Champions in 2014. Wine is mostly local, with a few roped in from Tuscany, South Australia and France, and there are ample intriguing cocktails to try. Some names include Income Tax, Twisted Waldorf and 200 Metric Tons.

Things that can be devoured include a range of hot dogs, from the 'Au Naturale' ($5) which comprises the bare essentials of a grilled bun, mustard and dog, to the 'Shush' ($8) featuring pickles, caramelised onions, mustard and dog on a grilled cheese bun. Dogs can also be easily replaced with mushrooms for the vege inclined.

Goods & Services is another great small bar to add to the list. Lets just quietly hope that not too many people find out about this hidden gem.


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