Impala - CLOSED

Code's back and it's a hell of a lot prettier this time around.
Ben Tutty
Published on July 06, 2016


Many moons ago, the basement at 7 Shortland Street was known as Code. It was a dark, dank subterranean club, covered in grime, frequented by delinquent 18-year-old degenerates (like myself), and soundtracked by awful, ear assaulting dubstep. Drinks were spilt, bodies moved and mistakes were made, until the sad(ish) day when it shut for good.

Well the younger, more club-ready among us will be happy to hear that Code's back and it's a hell of a lot prettier this time around. I went to Impala on a Saturday night, and after too many beers, the memories of Code came rushing back up like a fourth tequila shot.

The space is still recognisable, however the genius spatial designers at Think and Shift, have put their magic touch on things. Luxurious beige couches are tucked into dark corners, the long bar is a dark slab of mottled wood and neon tubes light up the walls; for a room that was once an black basement, it looks pretty slick. There are decent range of drinks on offer, including a few crafty options if you're that way inclined and even bar snacks which look decent.

Impala's not cocking about though; with opening times from 9pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday it's a nightclub in no uncertain terms. On the night I visited the auto-tuned moans of Future played over an intense trap beat and the dance-floor heaved with revelers throwing their trap arms about. While I thought the DJ was a bit painful, the Martin sound system sounded phenomenal, and the bar service was quick and attentive. Plus the line was short, which was a pleasant surprise.

While it's not entirely up my alley, Impala is a well executed night spot, with onto it staff, a booming sound system and a packed out dance-floor. 


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