This New Ember Smart Mug Keeps Your Coffee at the Perfect Temperature

This mug won't let your coffee go cold — even if you forget about it for 45 minutes.
Jasmine Crittenden
Published on December 11, 2017

Keeping your coffee at a drinkable temperature — in between keeping your boss off your back, doing chores and checking Facebook — can be a challenge. One minute, the stuff's suitably hot, straight out of the office coffee machine or your barista's hands; the next, it's a lukewarm milky soup.

You're not the the only person in the world who experiences this problem. That's why Ember, which describes itself as a "design-led temperature control brand", has come up with a mug that keeps your beverage at the optimum temperature (70 degrees celsius) from first sip to last.

Simply called the Ember Ceramic Mug, the vessel achieves this morning miracle via a convection current. Within the mug are elements with the power to both heat and cool. When hot liquid rises to the top, it is cooled until it starts to fall, causing warmer liquid to then rise and be cooled in turn.

Once the tech was worked out, Ember joined forces with Ammunition, a design company based in San Francisco, to make sure the result looked good. Together, they came up with a classic-looking white mug — the only visibly techy thing about it is a small LED light. A charging coaster and an app are included. The latter allows you set the temperature remotely, preset temperatures for various drinks and swap between celsius and fahrenheit.

At the moment Ember isn't shipping to Australia, although we have seen a few floating around on eBay.

Published on December 11, 2017 by Jasmine Crittenden
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