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This New Zealand Company Has Created a Water Bottle Entirely From Plants

And it will break down in a commercial compost facility in 90 to 180 days.
By Stephen Heard
February 07, 2018
By Stephen Heard
February 07, 2018

One million single-use bottles are sold around the world every minute — that's over 500 billion per year. As well as being incredibly imperishable, they often contain chemicals that can seep out if exposed to heat — worldwide plastic production currently uses more oil than the entire aviation sector. It's a big problem. Undrinkable water is also a big problem, but that's another kettle of plastic-engulfed fish.

The good news is that a new decomposable water bottle has been created to reduce the effects of plastic waste, and right here in New Zealand. The Plant Bottle was created by Southern Lakes-based company For The Better Good (FTBG). The bottles are made from everyday plants including corn and potatoes, rather than chemical-laced oil, and will break down in a commercial compost facility in 90 to 180 days. The bottles will be sold and recollected within a closed-loop, waste-free system to help eliminate plastic waste.

FTBG founder Jayden Klinac had his first lightbulb moment after using a friend's pod coffee machine. The journey started with biodegradable coffee capsules before he started seeing other products that could be replaced with plant-based alternatives. "I wanted to target the pinnacle of plastic waste: single-use water bottles."

FTBG has also developed one of the world's first plant-based, compostable lids. The current lid is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. The company is also trialling a recycling system to turn used plant bottles back into another generation of the product.

The bottles will be launched at Wanaka's TUKI festival on February 10, where festival-goers will ideally purchase one bottle and refill it at water stations throughout the day.

Find more information about Plant Bottle and For The Better Good here.

Published on February 07, 2018 by Stephen Heard


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