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By Greta Mayr
September 05, 2012
By Greta Mayr
September 05, 2012

If someone were to mention pre-fabricated housing, most people would probably conjure up images of dingy, ugly and generic box-like houses inferior to standard homes. However, recent prefab homes have taken a leap forward in terms of sustainability, practicality and comfort. The eco-friendly materials which make up the pods or modules of prefab houses are constructed in factories and can be configured in various ways to allow the buyer to add some creative flair to their housing style.

Standard prefab houses are a great way to save money and time when building a house, and ensuring it is highly sustainable, yet imagine if they were tiny prefab houses. Small prefabricated houses are an incredibly effective use of space, help with the increasingly pertinent issue of urban sprawl and housing density, and are also easily transportable and even less costly in terms of both time and money.

Here are ten of the most sustainable, imaginative and simply bewildering tiny prefab houses that will be sure to convert you in your thinking about the buildings of the future.

Tiny House Number Two

This portable house is Kent Griswold's second self-built house with tiny proportions. This 8.2 x 16.2 foot wide house manages to fit in five wooden windows, a pitch and steel roof, walls reinforced with hurricane straps and foam insulation. This little goldmine would be perfectly suitable as a beachside cottage, a guest house or even just a house for tiny living.

Gifford Box Bungalow

This majestic snow retreat is 99 square feet of luxury with endless interior design options. Complete with porch and even a loft area at the top, the box bungalow is the ultimate in effective use of space whilst ensuring comfort is still a high priority. The house is available from Tumbleweed Tiny House company, which was founded in 1997 by Jay Shafer. Shafer is dedicated to crafting high-quality and inventive small houses which have minimal impacts on the environments and are conducive to a slower, more relaxed style of living.

The XS House

This tiny construction is the smallest green house available in Jay Schafer's range and comes from the 'House to Go' series, meaning it can easily be transported and towed anywhere. The XS stands for extra small and extra space-efficient because with only 11 feet in length and 7 feet in width, this house manages to somehow fit in a living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. If you're planning to go caravaning across the countryside, why not just go 'housing' instead, because if built yourself this little beauty will only set you back $16,000.


Don't be fooled by the deceptive name, because this modern house offers much more than just a place t0 urinate. This construction by Alchemy Architects is spacious living in a non-spacious area at its best, and at an incredibly affordable price: the cost works out to be only $125 per square foot. The interior features IKEA cabinetry and kitchenware and floor to ceiling Anderson windows, making this off-grid living unique yet nevertheless comfortable.

Solo 36 Bunkie

This eco-friendly pine wood home is a trendy and creative design from Sustain Minihome. Complete with bar, sleeping loft, living room, bathroom and kitchen, you wouldn't know once inside the solo 36 bunkie that it's only 36 feet by 12 feet. As long as you have level ground, this prefab home can situated virtually anywhere, say on a rocky cliff overlooking the stunning Lake Rosseau in Canada.

Micro Compact Home

A team of researchers and designers from London and the Technical University of Munich have really abided by the lore of less is more with their development of the m-ch. This tiny construction is designed for students, businessmen and sportsmen who require short stay living. The  m-ch uses compact living methods as used in aircrafts, yachts and cars to create a 266cm cubed space that conveniently fits in two double beds, shower and toilet, a fold-out table, kitchen and storage space - what more could you want?

Ideabox's Minibox

Minibox is 200SF of ecological and simple living. These versatile homes can be whatever you want them to be - a studio, backyard feature or a micro-home. Despite the small space, these prefab houses have been designed so effectively that you won't have to make any compromises on comfort. And these efficient, green houses come at only $42,500, making them within most individual's or family's home buying budget.

kitHAUS' K4

This stylish little wooden structure is the perfect option for those looking to live tiny, and in style. Kithaus offers a range of modern and revolutionary prefab homes, which are all made from patented lightweight M.H.S construction systems. The creation of their homes, such as this K4, takes only days and can be done almost anywhere because of the lightweight properties - a wilderness retreat made easy.

Fish Camp

Katrina Cottages produces quaint and dainty little cottages, which are tiny, versatile and easily transportable. This Fish Camp styled house was designed by Steve Mouzon and is a mere 170 square feet. With it's effective use of space this cottage is not only cute to look at but also highly practical, incorporating a porch, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom into the small space.

Max's Cabin

Max had his 10ft x 20tf cabin built last year by Birky's Better Built Barns as his holiday and meditation retreat 25 miles north of his home in Washington State. The construction added up to about $10,500, which isn't bad for an off the grid, self-sufficient house set with all the necessities required for tiny living.

Published on September 05, 2012 by Greta Mayr

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