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By Katharina Charles
December 11, 2017

Heilala Vanilla Dessert Degustation

The pop-up patisserie teams up with the world's most awarded vanilla for its final outing.
By Katharina Charles
December 11, 2017

From the makers of the world's most awarded vanilla, with a backstory that'll make your heart melt, Heilala Vanilla creators have paired with dessert maestros Hundred Acre Food and inner-city stalwart Federal and Wolfe to bring us an evening full of dessert deliciousness — and a distinct Christmas flavour.

A difficult crop which takes years to yield and typically grows in tropical conditions only, much of the 'vanilla' we consume today is in fact artificial — making this a must-attend tasting event for any sweet connoisseurs.

Guests will be treated to a three-course dessert degustation with seasonal elements and inside knowledge of the products — namely a jelly tip, an Otago cherry and a ginger bread snowman. Hundred Acre Food are champions of turning sweets into an entire meal. Founded by chef Dan Freeman, the pop-up patisserie creates plated art with every health fiend's arch-nemesis: sugar. Previous events have included multiple courses led by peanut butter and all kinds of wizardry with ice cream. This will be Freeman's last degustation before setting off to the UK.

Falling in love with the islands, establishing the Heilala Vanilla Plantation in Tonga after being gifted a plot of land in thanks for his aid efforts after a devastating cyclone, Kiwi John Ross and his family have worked tirelessly to establish Heilala as one of the world's premium vanilla producers and the Heilala Dessert Degustation is your chance to share the beautiful fruits of their labour.

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