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By Melissa Roberts
August 07, 2017

Semi Permanent 2017

Back to infuse local creatives with their annual dose of inspiration.
By Melissa Roberts
August 07, 2017

Forget negative space, the space that makes the creatively-inclined among us feel most at home is returning to Auckland early August. Semi Permanent, the international symposium for design in all its glorious forms, is back to infuse local creatives with their annual dose of inspiration.

This year's speaker lineup celebrates the fact that good design has never been more valued as a currency, and those who apply a creative lens to the way they view the world have never been more sought after. The minds leading the design teams of some of the most influential global companies – Ana Arriola, Director of Product Design at Facebook; Amber Cartwright, Design Manager at Airbnb; Erik Klimczak, Creative Director at Uber; Hector Ouilhet, Head of Design at Google Search – showcase the caliber of this year's event.

Joining them are the likes of science fiction artist Lucy McRae who has created an electronic tattoo, a range of emotional sensing dresses and swallowable perfume; Hayden Cox, founder and designer of Haydenshapes Surfboards who made his first surfboard at 15 and went on to break the rules of surfboard design; Irma Boom, Amsterdam-based graphic designer with penchant for book making, who sits on the Yale University School of Art faculty and who's work features in MoMA's permanent collection; Sissel Tolaas, who's multidisciplinary approach to the sense of smell has led her to build up the smellscapes of 52 international cities, become a founding member of the International Sleep Science and Technology Association and launch the world's first Smell Memory Kit; and Michael Parekowhai, Professor in Fine Arts who injects humour into his explorations of scale, space and time to create pieces that have resonated and challenge the perceptions of many people across his three decade career.

Whether you fit the creative type or you find yourself surrounded by them, the conference's program has something to offer. Tickets are available now and one thing you can guarantee is they'll be beautiful to look at.

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