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By Shannon Connellan
August 06, 2015

London's Getting Its First Alcohol-Free Cocktail Bar

It’s called Redemption.
By Shannon Connellan
August 06, 2015

Woken up in a self-induced, whiskey-fuelled, stomach-grating, cold-sweating Sunday Hades too many times? You’re about to feel real guilty. London’s wholesome beige cashmere cardigan of a suburb, Notting Hill, is about to open the unthinkable: an alcohol-free cocktail bar called Redemption. We like to call this a ‘juice bar’. But apparently there's more to it than that.

Redemption is London’s first alcohol-free bar, the city’s only ‘cocktail spot’ with a mocktail and food menu designed by nutritional therapists. Created by Catherine Salway, ex Virgin Group Brand Director, executive chef and raw, vegan specialist Andrea Waters, the bar sports the tagline, “Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself.” It’s the latest in a ‘healthvolution’ (yep) of dry bars happening across England, tackling the country’s huge social drinking focus by simply replacing the booze with Healthy Things. It's like almost like nicotine patch for being around bars.


“These days it’s hard to get away from booze – you can’t even go to the cinema without being offered a glass of wine,” says Salway and Waters. “With Redemption, we are creating a space away from temptation that still feels like a treat. We’re challenging the convention that we need alcohol to lubricate every social occasion.”

Anyone who just did Dry July (right here), would probably be down with this. But let’s be honest, this isn’t a ‘cocktail bar’. Basically it’s a wholesome, vegan cafe open late and using a buzzword to generate articles like the one you’re reading now. Consider us suckers. Redemption’s less about getting smashed on Negronis and more about filling your weekends with less sugar and alcohol. Think 'beet-o-tinis', 'apple mockjitos', and the mildly terrifying-sounding ‘lettuce spray’.


For those who don’t drink at all, or those looking to detox the Captain Morgan from their pores, this is a great, appealing initiative from a country whose deep-set drinking problems mirror our own. Perhaps it’s time for a Redemption of our own? *rolls over, orders pizza online, burps Chardonnay*

Redemption Bar opens on August 10 at 6 Chepstow Road, London. Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 11pm. Sunday 10am – 5pm.


Via VICE and Sharking for Chips and Drinks.

Images: Redemption and Sharking for Chips and Drinks.

Published on August 06, 2015 by Shannon Connellan


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