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Five Asian-Inspired Burgers to Try in Auckland

Take your tastebuds on a journey to the far east with these Asian-inspired burger creations.
By Annie Ren
September 13, 2018
By Annie Ren
September 13, 2018

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With culinary fusion becoming a huge outlet for experimentation, a slew of burger joints have enhanced their traditional offerings with the striking flavours of the far east. Whether you're drawn to steamed buns in burger form or giant slabs of sesame-crusted tofu, there's an Asian-inspired burger for everyone in the heart of the city. We have these five burger joints, in particular, to thank for offering our tastebuds a continual vacation around the world. Staying home has never looked nor tasted so good.



Royal Oak's neon-lit Happy Boy is revolutionary both vibe and taste wise — it also has milky white steamed bao in place of traditional burger buns. Amongst the colourful décor and playful graffiti you'll find yourself faced with a menu featuring must-trys like the fried chicken or katsu pork. The latter is a dream combination of jumbo-size katsu pork schnitzel, white cabbage, Japanese mayonnaise and Bulldog sauce. Addictive and satisfying with every bite, you'll find yourself wanting for more as you crunch through the crispy pork patty and licking your fingers, so you don't waste a single drop of mayo. If you feel adventurous enough, add the pickled ginger and give your burger a zesty, refreshing twist.



Vegetarians rejoice; Burger Burger is also one of the few burger joints in Auckland which offers more than one delicious vegetarian burger option. I want to draw your attention to the New Vege. Sandwiched within a toasted brioche bun, you have teriyaki and sesame-crusted tofu, Asian-inspired slaw, bean sprouts, pickled cucumber, coriander and ginger dressing. With each bite, you will get an explosion of different textures as well as complementary flavours that will please omnivores and vegetarians alike.



This one is perhaps more bao than burger, but there's a reason why Big Fish Eatery take the title of the O.G steamed bun maestros in Auckland. You simply can't go wrong with a thick slab of four-hour slow-cooked pork belly drenched in hoisin sauce. Tucked inside their freshly made steamed bun and paired with cucumber and spring onion, one bite will tell you exactly what heaven feels like. Before you know it, you'll be ordering another one.



Tucks and Bao is a specialty steamed bun eatery in Newmarket with a big date night appeal. Affordable food and quirky surroundings such as bamboo, fairy lights and tiki bar thatching will redefine what you think of an Asian restaurant. Remember to bring a stomach for delicious food as well as puns when you come to dine at Tucks and Bao as that's what their menu is all about. One favourite the Bellybao. For $10, you are getting yourself a fantastic burger made up of juicy pork belly, crispy crackling, fresh coriander and the winning touch, crushed roasted peanuts. Of course, hoisin is always the key to the heart.



While the Biofuel and American Muscle might be what comes to mind when mentioning iconic burger joint BurgerFuel, it has pushed itself outside the comfort zone with this latest mouthwatering special. Seoul Train is the team's latest limited edition creation marrying the flavours of Korea and New Zealand. Fried chicken lovers will be screaming with joy when they take a blissful bite into Korean fried chicken accompanied with the exotic gochujang aioli, tart kimchi, picked daikon radish and crunchy bean sprouts. Seoul Train will be the soul food that you'll remember.


BurgerFuel's limited edition Seoul Train burger is available now. To wrap your hands around one, visit BurgerFuel.

Published on September 13, 2018 by Annie Ren
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