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A Colorado Company Has Made Wine For Cats

And no, we're not kitten.
By Will Seal
June 23, 2016
By Will Seal
June 23, 2016

We've all done it. Coming home inebriated, fumbling with the keys, stumbling into the house – only to be confronted by your sober-sally cat in the hallway giving you the stink eye regarding your disreputable behaviour.

'Stop making noise, human', it glares at you disapprovingly. Perhaps understanding your situation, perhaps not. You collapse on the couch, it joins you in hope of a chin scratch or BK Chicken morsel – like hell you're giving any up and it won't like a French fry, they never do.

Then you think to yourself…'What if Fluffy/Tim/Bosley/Cat/Persephone could get drunk as well? I wouldn't even need to go out, or have friends. Just the cat and I, chilling, sipping on some cold beverages.'

Then you pass out and forget your glorious idea, another could-have-been, almost-famous AirBnB or Uber in the making.

But what if you didn't forget? What if you woke up and decided to make a business venture out of Cat Wine. Well, too late again, because the team at Apollo Peak in Denver, Colorado have beaten you to it.

That's right cat-lovers, a US organisation has been formed along these lines, and is currently producing non-alcoholic, catnip based feline snack wines. Marketing two varietals – the rouge Pinot Meow and blanc MosCATo they come in sizes equivalent to an airplane one-serve bottle, a proper BYO starter bottle, and fancy glass ones too. No word on it being available in a box, but give it time.

Whilst we haven't tried them ourselves, Apollo Peak assures its customers the products are, "safe and non-harmful to your special friends," crafted from the finest, "all natural ingredients sourced from local farmers and shops. 100% of our ingredients (with the exception of our water) is sourced from local farmers in central Colorado - in the foothills of the Front Range Mountains."

What more is there to say really? Except, there's never a reason to drink alone again.

If you love your cat, you'll purchase some at

Published on June 23, 2016 by Will Seal
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