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By Diana Clarke
February 04, 2015

Cadbury Chocolate is Shrinking And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

This is why we have trust issues.
By Diana Clarke
February 04, 2015

Chocolate chip cookies that turn out to be oatmeal raisin. Commercial Big Macs compared to their real life equivalent. Opening Grandma’s biscuit tin to find only sewing equipment. These are the reasons we have trust issues. Life’s small disappointments that slowly chip away at our souls until we are nothing but cynics with an inability to depend on anything or anyone. But there was always a light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining you might say. Chocolate. The globally relied upon solution to life’s disappointments. The comfort food of comfort foods. In chocolate we trust. Or at least we used to.

That’s right, New Zealand. Our once dependable chocolate is reliable no more. Chocolate is shrinking. Cadbury’s 220g blocks will become 200g blocks. That is 10% less chocolate. An entire row. An integral row. That is the row between mere satisfaction, and that overindulged stomach cramp stage where you can no longer stand for the remainder of the day.

If you’re one of those eternal optimists with an annoying tendency to see the good in situations, and try to tell me that at least the bars will be cheaper now that they’re smaller, you’re wrong. Cadbury is maintaining its prices and taking away a row. Try being optimistic now.

Cadbury reckons the reduction is inevitable because manufacturing costs are rising. They also reckon reducing bar size is a better alternative than a price increase. I reckon we all switch to Whittakers.

Published on February 04, 2015 by Diana Clarke

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    Rock - February 5, 2015

    Yes, do switch to Whittakers. Your taste buds will love you for it. And you'll wonder why you have been putting up with the unsatisfactory stuff Cadbury call chocolate.

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