Tiny House Campsites Are Popping up in Secret Locations in the American Wilderness

As part of their focus on disconnecting, there's also no wifi and you're invited to lock away your smartphone.
Jasmine Crittenden
Published on January 04, 2018

One of our most-read stories of 2017 featured an Aussie start-up called Unyoked, which lets you stay in a tiny house in the wilderness, miles away from anyone and anything. Now, if you happen to be heading to the Northern Hemisphere, you can have a similar experience in the American middle-of-nowhere. Meet Getaway, an American start-up founded by two Harvard grads that's building tiny houses in the woods.

While Unyoked lands you in total solitude, Getaway takes you to a mini holiday village. So, it's a bit like a campground, but with tiny houses instead of tents. You get trendy architect design, a queen-sized bed, picture windows, wireless speakers, airconditioning, an ensuite, basic provisions and a fire pit with wood. But there's no wifi and a secure box invites you to lock up your smartphone for the duration of your stay. Also, your dog's welcome to join.

To make sure you don't become too destination-focused, Getaway doesn't reveal exactly where you'll be going until close to departure time, although their three sites so far are located outside of New York, Boston and Washington. Other than that, all you can be sure of is that you won't be driving for more than two hours from your home city.

Getaway isn't the first American business to be exploring the appeal of tiny houses as holiday accommodation. (Check out these 12 tiny house hotels, for example). However, the start-up's focus on disconnecting and immersing yourself in nature sets it apart.

Images: Getaway.

Published on January 04, 2018 by Jasmine Crittenden
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