Mekong Neua Thai Restaurant

Epic Thai and Laos local serving up frosty Beer Lao.
Kieran Hoverd
Published on June 01, 2012
Updated on January 20, 2015


Mekong Neua, the wonderful north eastern Thai and Laos restaurant in the heart of Kingsland.  Instantly, I am transported back to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and of course, the hedonistic backpackers playground of Vang Vieng in Laos.  Although cutting loose tubing in Laos is the must do activity, the cuisine of these areas should never be overlooked.  Mekong Neua nails it perfectly. The food is spicy, stuffed with flavour and absolute quality.

The quaint lay out of the restaurant over several rooms make Mekong Neua perfect for small to medium groups catching up rather than the chaotic pre-town BYO. That said, the bottle store two doors down lends itself well to the latter option if that's where you find yourself heading.

Spicy Tom Yum soup, fresh prawn spring rolls, and the classic green curry are highlights. Larb is also a personal favourite. Despite having possibly the most unappealing food name around, the combination of red onion and coriander make it a winner.

While you probably won't find worldly travellers kicking back in a Vang Vieng bar watching some Family Guy or Friends re runs, you will get to enjoy authentic Thai and Laos food. Mekong Neua also receives a deserving nod for serving up Beer Lao - arguably the best South East Asia beer around.



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