Nitro Cow Gelato - CLOSED

Nitrogen; used in cryopreservation, cryosurgery, and now your ice cream.
Izzie Aldridge
Published on February 16, 2017
Updated on February 24, 2017


Curious as to the trendy new treat not only being used in cryopreservation, cryosurgery and cryomedicine but also in Auckland's newest ice cream truck? Liquid nitrogen. Or, Nitro Cow Gelato.

Now, we all know food vendors are pushing the boat out to get our attention. Giapo is serving dessert in Yorkshire puddings, New Zealand Natural is sandwiching ice cream between toasted brioche buns, and Casa Del Gelato's freak shakes are getting freakier by the minute. Cue Nitro Cow Gelato; they've gone full-nerd and make their scoops with nitrogen— give me strength.

The secret to the science is the speed at which the fat and the water freeze together. In other words, the faster the ice cream can be frozen, the fewer crystals it can form, and voila— the creamier the concoction.

And boy, does she cream.

Zipping in and around Auckland's market scene, the Nitro Cow trailer isn't the easiest to pin down making their product all the more covetable. And covet you should. The crew offer a plethora of flavours including s'mores, p&b and the pièce de résistance – salted caramel. All available in gelato, sorbet and ice cream, and all freshly whipped in front of your very eyes, yup, made-to-blimmin'-order.

Despite wrapping it with a ribbon and giving it a shiny new status, the concept has actually been around since 1907 aka nitrogen ice cream is an older concept than the telephone. A concept far from ancient, however, is their bizarre dessert called Dragon's Breath, pretty self-explanatory, eat it and you exhale smoke – obviously?

Weird, wonderful, we love it – you will too.


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