Ramen Daikoku Noodle Bar

Whatever your vice, you’ll walk out the door with a warm glow and a happy back account.
Stephen Heard
Published on June 18, 2015
Updated on May 17, 2022


Franchise Japanese restaurant Daikoku now has seven locations around New Zealand, five of those being in Auckland. Unlike the other teppan-yaki focussed restaurants, the Britomart branch shows off its culinary acrobatics in a less obvious fashion. Located down Tyler Street, the hole in the wall eatery serves big bowls of ramen, an easy, quick and healthy option for those working in the CBD.

The dining room is tightly packed which gives it a nice cosy vibe on a rainy day. The best seating option are the benches bordering the kitchen. As well as giving you an insight into the cooking process it happens to be a great option for those looking to hide away and have some alone time while grabbing something to eat. I can't stress enough how much I enjoy this place as a solo dining destination.

Ramen is the main on contender of the menu and the cheapest of any we've tried in Auckland. Luckily, the price doesn't rub off on the quality of the meals and the options are still as big as what you'd find elsewhere. If fact, even the most basic of basic ramen options - suitably and simply titled 'ramen' - is packed with firm noodles and a generous supply of tender chashu pork. You'll be served within minutes after ordering, though then comes the challenge of not scorching your lips on the piping hot broth.

The standard ramen is a good start for those unsure of their broth preference. It uses a small ladle full of soy sauce as a base to the stock, which is simmered all day, giving it a nice salty flavour. The striking orange broth of the 'Spicy Pork' ramen is appealing from the picture menu and will likely induce food envy. Lunch time dining also opens up unbeatable meal combinations like ramen and gyoza dumplings for $13.50, ramen and curry rice for $15, and ramen with karaage for $14.50.



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