The Ten Best Locations to Drop Bombs in Auckland

Downtown Manu Club take us through ten of their favourite spots.
Kyle Bell
Published on March 12, 2015

The manu, the mangere, gorilla's, the staple or the cannonballllllll! All words synonymous with the ancient discipline of launching yourself into bodies of water and attempting to deliver onlookers the ultimate explosion. A summer wouldn't/shouldn't be complete without at least attempting one of the aforementioned moves that has found itself engrained into New Zealand folklore.

The love of dropping bombs starts as a child, with older relations and neighbourhood friends attempting to blow you out of the water and assert dominance of territory. But as you get older and undoubtedly size becomes your friend (before it becomes your enemy), you find yourself competing with the best of them, clocking the roof at aquatic centres around the country and eventually moving on to the more adventurous challenges.

As did a couple of young Auckland professionals who established the Downtown Manu Club. A club which appreciates and promotes the willingness to create human explosions of water across New Zealand, and the globe. They don't claim to be bomb specialists, more enthusiasts, and while enjoying a good disruptive splash they also appreciate and admire all other entries into the water. And yes, there are a few unofficial rules to Manu Club, you are allowed to talk about it, but you must enter the water fully clothed, which is more of a safety thing, as oysters can be dangerous.

So who is better poised to provide us with intel into the best spots to drop a bomb? See below ten drop spots the DMC recommend for you to partake in the much loved traditional Kiwi custom.

Please do take all safety pre-cautions before attempting any of the below.



1. The Spiritual Home of DMC

Wynyard Wharf, Auckland

The home and club house of the Downtown Manu Club. It all began for us on a hot summer's day at Jack Tar. One minute, burgers and fries, next minute, bombers and dives.



2. Bridge Jumping Out East

Panmure Bridge, Auckland

A solid jump out East Auckland. Not for the faint of heart.



3. A Scenic Manu

Little Oneroa, Waiheke Island

Around to the right there is quite the rock jump. Crystal water. Pure Kiwiana styles.


mission bay lighthouse

4. Lighthouse Missions

Bean Rock Lighthouse, Mission Bay

Only accessible by boat but worth the commute. This is a great jump.



5. North Shore Manu Spot

Devonport Wharf, Devonport, Auckland

A North Shore stronghold. Nothing like making a splash upon the return of a full day's work in the city.


bridge on tamaki

6. Manu With a View

Tamaki Drive Bridge, Auckland

A manu with a view of Rangitoto. Not to be missed. Check for boats and watch the tides.


7. 'The Nun'

South Piha, Auckland

A west coast Manu for those who are into black sand. One of the biggest we have seen.


omaha bridge

8. Weekend Bridge Jump

Omaha Bridge, Omaha

A manu for those heading north for strawberry ice cream and a Sunday market.



9. Casual Afternoon Wharf Manu

Okahu Wharf, Tamaki Drive, Auckland

A great spot for a casual afternoon manu. Maybe even some fishing. Ample parking at Kelly Tarlton's.


herne bay

10. Swinging Rope

Sarsfield Street, Herne Bay

Yes, it is a residents-only access, but nothing stopping you from accessing via the shoreline. And once there, you can swinging like Tarzan and drop gorillas into a full tide Herne Bay like it is going out of fashion.


Published on March 12, 2015 by Kyle Bell
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