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By Tom Clift
July 29, 2015

The Onion Is Launching a New Web Series Parodying Vice Media

Throwing acid in the face of ignorance.
By Tom Clift
July 29, 2015

Get ready for a whole buttload of hard-hitting news blasted directly into your eyeholes. Satirical news organisation The Onion is about to launch EDGE, a brand new web series lampooning the sensationalist style of VICE Media — and if the early teasers are anything to go by, it looks like they've absolutely nailed it.

Naturally we're a little hesitant to report on any so-called news stories coming out of The Onion, given that their entire business model is based on elaborate lies. Still, from what we can tell, this time it's actually legit. The series is set to premiere online on Monday, August 3 and will, according to The Hollywood Reporter, consist of short, documentary style videos less than four minutes in length.

A twitter account has been set up for the series, promising to "throw acid in the face of ignorance" and asking anyone who has witnessed or participated in global horror worth reporting on to call "the EDGE Atrocity Tip Line." A couple of their correspondents, aka "news warriors", are also on the platform, as you can see below.

This teaser video, meanwhile, does a pretty perfect job of capturing the guerrilla aesthetic that has made VICE so popular with the young people, what with their short attention spans and virtual reality headsets and so forth.

"VICE is wrought with a distinct self-confidence, which of course gets our writers salivating," Onion VP of Production George Zwierzynski Jr. told THR. "The Onion team is highly competitive when it comes to other companies and publishers, so it's only natural we would take a stab at VICE as a whole."

EDGE arrives a little more than a year after The Onion launched ClickHole, an online spoof of BuzzFeed where you can find such thought-provoking articles as 6 Heads You Never Realized Are Also On Mount Rushmore and How Many Of These Creatures From Greek Mythology Do You Believe In?

The Onion has also previously produced content for television, albeit with limited success. Onion News Network, a parody of cable new shows, ran on IFC for two seasons, while Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central was cancelled after six months. Hopefully EDGE fares a little better on the web.

Via THR.

Top image via Dollar Photo Club.

Published on July 29, 2015 by Tom Clift

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