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By Ellen Seah
April 02, 2015

The Ten Best Places to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Melbourne

It's chocolate. Have the best.
By Ellen Seah
April 02, 2015


It's chocolate. Have the best.

Chocolate. Glorious in all its forms, shapes and sizes. Whether it's the item you reach for to fix foul moods, the pieces you share (or alternatively, have all on your own) when that pesky chocolate craving hits, there's no other replacement. Melbourne seems to agree too — we've got chocolate shops, chocolate-filled menus and even a dedicated hot chocolate cafe. After coffee, cocoa is our favourite bean.

You don't have to wait for Easter to fill that chocolate-sized hole in your heart. And for the occasion — or just pure pleasure and indulgence — we've put together a list of the best ten places in Melbourne to get your traditional (and not so traditional) chocolate fix. So go forth, and get these bad treats in your belly.

  • 10
    Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

    Saying that you’ll get your chocolate fix at Burch & Purchese is an understatement. In all likelihood, you’ll emerge in a full-blown sugar stupor. We’re not sure why Darren Purchese’s sweet treats have that effect on us, but it’s probably because everything looks so damn good. From the choc-raspberry wagon wheels to the chocolate-coated ice cream sandwiches to the famous chocolate, coffee and mascarpone tube dessert — it’s hard to refuse anything he’s making. Place an order for a birthday cake or take away an individual one to eat on the run. Look out for their Easter treats too — their golden eggs filled with salted caramel are everything.

  • 9
    Cioccolato Lombardo - CLOSED

    If your favourite type of fresh produce is the cocoa bean, you need to give Tad Lombardo a visit. With a full set up in his glass encasement at the Prahran Market, Tad hand crafts an impressive collection of artisan chocolates six days a week. With everything from peanut praline to a pale ale ganache to little mounds of parsnip, coffee and white chocolate mousseline, no chocolate lover (or even just a plain chocolate liker) could go wrong here. Drop into the Prahran Market any day except Monday for a few coffee ganache love hearts to take on your way — or perhaps a whole box. And for Easter, make sure you get in to try one of his award-winning metallic eggs.

  • 8
    Gradi Crown

    Being home to the internationally recognised margherita pizza, Gradi’s Nutella calzone is often, much to our disappointment, overlooked in the chocolate stakes. You’ll find this delectable dessert at the Crown outpost only, where the menu showcases the best of Italy’s southern coastal city Naples, just like its Brunswick East counterpart. Since the modest calzone originates from Naples, it’s no wonder owner and chef Johnny Di Francesco ensures every Nutella-filled dessert is perfectly crisp on the sides, beautifully warm, and deliciously light inside. With the slight saltiness of the bread to balance the sweetness of our much-loved spread, this one is sure to be a winner on everyone’s palate.

  • 7
    Delhi Streets

    New kid on the block Delhi Streets is already creating a splash in its Flinders Lane home. Nestled in The Archway on Katherine Place, Delhi Streets brings authentic Indian market food to the city of Melbourne. But as well as a spice-rich range of meals, snacks and drinks, they also bring one of the best guilty pleasure on-the-go chocolate fixes in the CBD. Their chocolate naan is filled with chocolate and stuffed with M&M’s. And for $5 a pop, you won’t be able to resist popping by each lunch break.

  • 6

    Don’t think of dumplings when you’ve got a deep craving for chocolate? You’re not alone. A dumpling, or something of its nature, is a meal enjoyed in nearly ever corner of the globe. Generally considered a warm, tasty dish, Charlie Dumpling changed the face of this humble Asian item when it opened in Prahran over a year ago. Along with Charlie’s mouth-watering savoury dumplings came the revolutionary Milk Chocolate Dumpling. Chilli sugar and light raspberry sorbet balances the sweet, rich chocolate dumplings. Sit yourself up at the communal bench, and enjoy a cocktail with the dessert. Better still, use that need for chocolate as an excuse to chow down a full lunch or dinner at Charlie Dumpling.

  • 5
    Pana Chocolate

    What do you mean healthy chocolate? Seems too good to be true, but at Pana this is a reality. From the recyclable, earth friendly packaging to the chocolate-y goodness inside, these are treats you really won’t feel guilty eating. This home grown boutique chocolatier pride themselves on creating raw, certified organic chocolate which tastes as good as your insides will feel. With a selection of naturally handmade treats, pop into the Richmond dessert shop for an endless range of truffles, fudge, cookies and brownies. When you’re addicted (and you will be), don’t worry about the trip in. Order online and have the goodies delivered to your door. A selected range can also be found at Like Minded Projects on Smith Street. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, clean eating has never tasted better.

  • 4

    Hidden in a narrow, cobblestoned lane, Chez Dré’s exterior is a little slice of Europe. A simple, unassuming sign marks this renowned patisserie and boulangerie, located just around the corner from the heart of South Melbourne Market. A wealth of sweet and savoury options, pastries and all-day brunch meals lie beyond this humble exterior. It’s the perfect spot to quell your sweet tooth whatever your fancy, but Chez Dré’s chocolate croissants are our pick. Encased by a delightfully airy pastry, each one oozes with a rich, creamy chocolate filling.

  • 3
    Bistro Vue

    In his book Guide to Paris, Shannon Bennett says it’s worth travelling to the French city for a good chocolate soufflé. And while we tend to agree, that just ain’t happening. So it’s lucky that he serves a pretty good one at his French-focused restaurant, Bistro Vue. This soufflé is quite close to perfect — it’s light and fluffy, but rich, chocolately and decadent at the same time. Served in a baby saucepan, your waiter will make an incision into the soufflé. From there, you’re free to pour in a generous amount of the velvety chocolate sauce, add a dob of ice cream on top, and get to work. It’s the ideal warming, comforting dessert for those times that you just need chocolate to finish off the night. And instead of a trip to France, it’ll only cost you $15.

  • 2
    Monsieur Truffe

    Just like a cooler, more urban chocolate mythical figure, Monsieur Truffe is Melbourne’s Willie Wonka. And to get inside his wondrous factory, you dont need a Golden Ticket — you just have to find the red door. It’s unmarked, of course, and from the outside, gives no indication of the sweetness behind it. Inside, two of the best worlds collide: it’s one part chocolate factory, one part café. On the right, you have Monsieur Truffe’s single origin chocolate bars, blended blocks and confections being made with cocoa beans from everywhere from Vietnam to Venezuela. And on the left is the café space, East Elevation. It’s clear their proximity to the chocolate making influences their menu; the granola comes with nuggets of dark chocolate, the hot chocolates are exquisite, and if you’re there on the right day, you might be able to grab a decadent brownie or fondue, made with the good stuff. Even still, a visit to the chocolate shop is more than necessary before you leave.

  • 1

    No coffee, no food, no frills: the newly opened Mörk Chocolate Brew House is the spot to whisk away that irresistible chocolate craving. A converted North Melbourne warehouse is the home to this intimate 18-seater concept store from Mörk. Their drinking chocolate has been used in some of Melbourne’s top cafes for a while now, but the Brew House is their first dedicated space. Think inventive, think interactive — these are some sexy hot and cold drinks. Their Campfire Chocolate has attracted much attention, with patrons lifting a glass to release smoke and pouring melted dark chocolate over the heat. There’s house smoked salt, and a roasted marshmallow to finish. And if you’re a chocoalte purist, you can rest assured that Mörk only use premium, unsweetened pure dark chocolate — it’s a sophisticated chocolate drink for the playful child in you.


    Words by Ellen Seah and Lauren Vadnjal.

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