The Incredible, Edible Pen

If you're a pen-chewer, we have some good news.
Katie Calvin
Published on March 24, 2011

If you tend to take out your stress and anxiety on your innocent writing utensil, then it's about time you chomped on something a little less plastic-flavored and a lot more delicious. Feast your eyes upon the edible pen.

Dave Hakkens was one of those nervous pen-chewers, leading him to invent this tasty ballpoint. He wanted a pen that he could chew on without making it dirty or, for lack of a better word, gross. After realizing that the only essential part of any pen was the ink, Hakkens set about designing a pen that he could entirely eat, and that he did.

The body of the pen is made out of 22 pieces of sugary candy, similar to those in candy necklaces, which enclose edible ink. The only part that cannot be consumed is the small tip, which can be thrown away or transferred to another refill once the whole pen is eaten. The best part? The candy is made so it won't melt in your hands or stick to anything.

Hakken's first prototype was peppermint flavoured, but the edible pen now comes in five other fruity flavours. As well as being a treat for your sweet tooth, an edible pen makes ecological sense when you consider all the ballpoints that get binned every year.

Published on March 24, 2011 by Katie Calvin
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