Turn Your Favourite Book Into A Lamp

Designer Boris Dennler lets you highlight your book collection by turning them into functional lamps.

Madeleine Watts
Published on March 25, 2011

Books and good lighting have never seemed to go together. As a child I was always encouraged to read less, because "you'll ruin your eyes!" Clearly my parents never anticipated that glasses would become cool. Regardless, I spent most of my childhood reading in bad light, and I am now quietly smug that I have reached my early twenties and have never had a cavity despite refusing to drink milk, have curly hair without eating my crusts, and have perfect vision, unaided by optometrists, despite having spent most of my life with my head in a book.

Now Swiss designer Boris Dennler, in his 2007 series of lamps entitled Livresse, is bringing books and good lighting together in one lovely, yet contradictory, invention. Dennler has chosen to re-purpose books, an item frequently overlooked when it comes to the world of interior lighting, and transform them into eco-friendly lamps.

The books are turned into fully functional soft-lighting lamps without causing damage to the pages, and can be easily changed if you need to swap your Mills and Boon lamps for early French philosophers. The lamps are also portable, so you could easily freak people out by hanging them from the trees. Recycling at it's best.

[Via Designboom]

Published on March 25, 2011 by Madeleine Watts
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