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By Tom Clift
January 20, 2016

This Company Specialises in Portable Shipping Container Farms

Take your vertical garden to the next level.
By Tom Clift
January 20, 2016

Common wisdom tells us that, if you really want to innovate, you need to think outside the box. But it turns out thinking inside the box can sometimes be just as effective. Case in point: Freight Farms, a shipping container farm company aiming to revolutionise urban agriculture. It's the brainchild of owners Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara, and the result of some out-of-the-figurative-box, inside-the-literal-box thinking.

As the name suggests, the American company specialises in sustainable farm systems built inside portable shipping containers. The so-called Leafy Green Machines (LGMs) are outfitted with LED lighting that replicates sunlight, a drip irrigation system that uses just ten gallons of water a day, and sensors that balance temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. Crops such as lettuce and kale are grown in vertical towers to avoid wasted space and ensure the maximum possible yield.

"Freight Farms is just a much more efficient use of land," Friedman told The Huffington Post. "You're talking about growing vertically in a very condensed footprint." Apparently, the farms can yield the equivalent of two acres of conventional farmland.

"The cost to get a farm right now is right around $80,000" says McNamara. "But the operating cost is going to be under $20,000 a year. We have farmers who are clearing revenue anywhere from $60,000 a year growing certain crop, all the way to $90,000 and above."

And according to the pair, the farms don't require a great deal of expertise or in-depth training to run. "We focused a lot on creating a platform that people can use with only motivation — not requiring advanced degrees or advanced schooling or long training." Anyone up for growing their own kale?

Freight Farms Allow You To Grow Food AnywhereThis portable vegetable garden's growing inside a 320-square-foot shipping container that can yield as much as two acres of farmland.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Friday, January 8, 2016

Via The Huffington Post.

Published on January 20, 2016 by Tom Clift

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