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Unleash Paradise

Your Guide to Adventurous Escapades in Fiji

By Elizabeth Tucker
February 07, 2024
By Elizabeth Tucker
February 07, 2024

Feed your thirst for adventure in Fiji with these extraordinary not-to-be-missed experiences.

Some people go to tropical islands to float in the ocean, lay in the sun, drink cocktails and read the ambitious tome they just can’t get into during their day-to-day lives.

But then there are the other people. The ones who want to unleash their adventurous side, saying yes to every possible outdoor experience and action-packed attraction their chosen holiday destination has on offer.

If the latter sounds like you then read on, my friend. Here are the best adventures you can hurl your body into when planning your incredible Fijian getaway.

Aventures on the Land

Quad Bike Tours

If you’re sick and tired of Fiji’s breathtaking pristine waters, get yourself grubby with Go Dirty Tours. In tandem or solo, you can ride quad bikes through cane fields and up mountains with seasonal mud puddles to splash about in. You can also head to the mud pools of Sleeping Giant Mountain Range for a pampering experience before rinsing it all off in a nearby natural hot spring.

River Tours

Beyond the glorious Pacific Ocean, Fiji’s natural landscapes are spectacular sights to see. Spend the day on the Sigatoka River Safari, where local Fijian guides take you through the beautiful waterways that wind through 18 traditional villages.

The experience is one of true authenticity and gives you the opportunity to connect with the daily lives and culture of the ‘kaiviti’ (Fijians), and experience the lush scenery of Fiji’s thriving rainforests. 

Rivers Rafting

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a log floating down a river, then white water rafting is just the thing for you… stay with me. The Upper Navua Gorge in the highlands of Viti Levu is where you’ve got to go to experience the wildness of untouched nature.

Rivers Fiji is your expert guide. The buoyancy and flexibility of the raft means you float down the river in relative comfort, slipping down rapids and canyons — a rare experience in waterways usually reserved for our fishy friends and, of course, logs.

River Tubing

If rafting is too much, tubing could be the most fun you can have on/in a river. Grab your mates, a life vest and a rubber doughnut, and relish a river adventure you’ll talk about for years to come. River Tubing Fiji is the local tubing expert of the Namosi Highlands who’ll ensure it’s an unforgettable experience.

The pace depends on the conditions of the river – sometimes it’ll be a chill, cruisy pace, and other times it can be a more invigorating thrill. Either way, it’s an awesome outing for young and old to enjoy together.

Adventures in the Air

Helicopter Tours

With tropical rainforests and 333 islands, observing beautiful Fiji from the sky is a perspective worth experiencing. Take your pick from a 20-minute teaser or a longer scenic journey to Fiji’s most sought-after locations with Heli-Tours. Whether it’s simply a flyover journey or one combined with sailing, quad biking or ziplining, take in Fiji from the intimate viewing platform of a chopper.


Skydiving separates the fearless from the fearful. But if you were going to give it a try, then doing it above one of Earth’s most beautiful locations, with endless bodies of water, is a great place to give it a go. 

Skydive Fiji has been running for 20 years and they operate in accordance with the Australian Parachute Regulations, so you know they know what they’re doing when it comes to safety. The team offers tandem skydiving over the picturesque islands and reefs. It’s a whole new way to see coral and have your life flash before your eyes.


Flying through treetops is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. With a birds-eye view of the rainforest and the thrill of gliding through the canopy, it’s a unique way to learn about the natural ecosystem too.

ZipFiji guides not only teach you how to fly but also educate you on what makes rainforests so special – the unique climate, how flora and fauna coexist, and so much more. 

Adventures in the Ocean

Jetski Tours

Popular operator Surf, Dive & Ski Watersports Fiji 0ffers the full array of activities, from slower-paced activities like SUPing to parasailing to ripping across the crystal blue sea on your jet ski. For those after bigger thrills, you can enjoy a JetSki Safari exploring the islands and enjoying close encounters of the reef and sea life that swims beneath.


Surf enthusiasts looking for the best waves will find them through Fiji Surf Co. If you’re looking for uncrowded surf breaks (aren’t we all?), these guys have your back. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, the crew have access to Fiji’s best breaks and can find the perfect wave for you and your surfing style. There are numerous surf breaks across the 333-island archipelago — surfers are spoiled for choice.

Manta Ray Dives

Manta Rays are one of the most majestic sea creatures. Watching them glide through the water is a spectacular sight and one unencumbered by fear, as these giant creatures have no barbs or teeth to be worried about. 

A protected species, they’re found in many locations around the islands. Your best bets for snorkelling encounters with a magical manta are the Yasawa Islands, Kadavu or the Lomaiviti Islands. 

Cloud 9

If you have any friends who have ever travelled to Fiji, then it’s highly likely you’ve seen them taking smug photos at Cloud 9. This ingenious destination is a floating platform smack-bang in the middle of the sea that serves up woodfired pizza and all the drinks you desire. Chill-house DJs set the mood with tunes as you relax, swim, eat, drink and be seriously merry on Cloud 9. 


Feeling inspired? Plan your trip now at the Tourism Fiji website.

Images: Tourism Fiji, Sigatoka River Safari, Awesome Adventures, Brook Sabin

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