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The Five Best Summer Drinks in Melbourne

Quench your thirst with these summer concoctions both spiked and non-alcoholic.
By Tomas Zagoda
December 04, 2014
By Tomas Zagoda
December 04, 2014

There's something about summer in Australia that brings out the icy cold, brain-freezing Slurpee-lover in almost all of us. This is Melbourne though and as such, we don't just want a 7/11 quick fix — we expect our cafes and bars to create cold concoctions to cool us and quench our thirst. And the good news is, they have. Below, we've scoped out some of our favourite cool summer drinks — both spiked and non-alcoholic — that you simply have to try.

Spiked Milkshakes at the Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Fitted out with renovated caravans, as the name would suggest, The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is dishing up a huge range of burgers, ridiculously extravagant desserts, cocktails and spiked milkshakes. Available in four thirst-quenching flavours these milky concoctions won't have you in any doubt this was a good idea once you try them. Choose from Makers Mark bourbon with salted caramel and maple bacon, Kinder Surprise with frangelico and baileys or the peanut butter and jelly with Captain Morgan's rum. These boozy shakes are sure to help wash down that mac and cheese burger you're eyeing off.

87 Bourke Street, Melbourne, (03) 9972 3699,


Young Coconut, Pineapple and Lemon Ice Crush at Mighty Boy

South-East Asian eatery Mighty Boy is a well received addition to the upper Gertrude Street side of Fitzroy. Boasting flavours from Thailand to Vietnam — but with a distinctly Melbourne twist, no less — Mighty Boy knows what food and drink your body is craving over summer. If you tuck into any number of their delicious street style food, such as spicy pad thai, fried chicken roti or some duck rice paper rolls, make sure to pick up a thirst-quenching slushie to wash it all down. Our favourite? The young coconut, pineapple and lemon ice crush.

59-61 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, (03) 9419 3686,

Peanut Butter Cup at Five Plus Smoothie

Sure, we are guilty of getting into the green smoothie craze — but there's no denying they are good for you.  Luckily, Five Plus Smoothie believe taste is just as important as health and have whipped up a number of healthy green smoothie options to get you beach body ready. They don't contain any unnatural sweeteners and are packed with fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily from local farms. While a large smoothie will set you back $9, this drink is definitely better for you than that double espresso you're probably drinking right now.

If your body is crying out for some vitamins and a liver detox then try the Green Light smoothie: fresh spinach, coconut water, pear, celery, banana and a little tang of lemon.   But if you're like us and you would rather have dessert than a cup of vegetables, give the Peanut Butter Cup a go: it's made up of oats, almond milk, banana, homemade peanut butter and dates. Five Plus have somehow made dessert drinks healthy.

265 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne,

Cold Filtered Milk Coffee at St. Ali

On some sweltering hot summer days all you want to do is lock your bedroom door and sit right in front of the air conditioning. On others, you're ready to embrace the heat, often with a cold brew in hand. But what happens if it's too early for a beer or you just want a little perk up? Cold filtered coffee is the answer. St Ali, the masters of spin, have started pre-bottling it up for your (and most likely their) convenience. Served in a brown beer bottle with a snazzy label, it's the perfect grab-and-go iced coffee. St. Ali isn't the only place to get a cold brew on the go either — Little Big Sugar Salt have been bottling their own almond milk cold coffee for a while, and Everyday Coffee now sells Coolers Coffee in-store too.

12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne, (03) 9686 2990,


Awakened Smoothie at Heal.Thy Self Co

No matter how hard you went the night before, this place has got you covered. It's no surprise that what started off as a blog aimed at health and wellness translated so easily into a organic, fresh cafe filled to the brim with superfoods. Nestled in amongst the tropical decorations and health junkie patrons you can feel the goodness start to seep in even before you take your first sip. Perk up with the Awakened smoothie — it's got a double shot of espresso with banana, a touch of vanilla and topped up with nourishing almond milk. Healthy summer here we come!

26 Ballarat Street, Yarraville, (03) 9687 3330,

Published on December 04, 2014 by Tomas Zagoda
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