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By Samantha Teague
May 28, 2020

How to Make Cocktails at Home (without Bartending Equipment) with Ramblin Rascal's Dylan Ruba

No cocktail shaker required.
By Samantha Teague
May 28, 2020

While NSW's restrictions are easing somewhat, with restaurants, cafes and other food-first venues reopening with restrictions from May 15, we're still a little way off being able to head underground for just a shot of cognac, a shit tinnie and shooting the shit at a bar.

This exact scenario is what we're missing at Ramblin' Rascal Tavern, Sydney's cognac- and corn nut-doused dive bar. So, we've asked Bar Manager Dylan Ruba how we can attempt to recreate a small slice of that experience at home: the drinks.

If you've frequented Ramblin', you've more than likely had your cognac, short, neat and consumed in one shot, but when you're at home on the couch watching Mad Men reruns (as Ruba has during lockdown), you might want to try something a little… longer.

Ruba's run us through three of his favourite drinks to make at home, which are riffs on a few of Rascal's signature cocktails. They're "tried and tested with a bit of at-home flair" according to Ruba — and they're drinks you can make without fancy cocktail shakers, stirrers or julep strainers, too.

Also, because Stanley Tucci is now synonymous with quarantine cocktails, we couldn't not ask Ruba his opinions on the now-infamous shaken double shot gin negroni. "Look, I'm never one to judge someone on how they like their drinks," said Ruba. "I can't say that's how I'd do it, but props to Stanley for standing by his own ways and preferences."

How would Ruba make his ideal negroni? "Equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, and stir it down over ice with a slice of orange." Easy.

Ramblin' Rascal Tavern



Tart, but sweet. Orange peel is an ingredient often used in the crafting of gin, and stewed fruits help bring out those forgotten flavours.

45ml gin
30ml lemon juice
10ml sugar
Teaspoon marmalade
Lemon twist

You can make the Season 6 one of two ways: shaken or blended.

For shaken: pour all ingredients into a jar (or a cocktail shaker if you have it) over ice, put a lid on it, shake. Strain into a coupe or flute (or, frankly, a mug if it's what you've got) and garnish with a dash of prosecco and a lemon twist.

For blended: chuck all ingredients into a blender with ice. Blend. Pour slushie into glass of your choice and top with a dash of prosecco and a lemon twist.



Really, really easy one, it's a bit like a dark and stormy or moscow mule, but a bitter, spicier version

30ml Martell Blue Swift
20ml lime juice
Cracked pepper
Ginger beer
Lime wedge

Build in a tall glass with ice, add 'one spin of the pepper cracker' worth of pepper, top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge.



This is a heavier drink, bit like at an old fashioned but instead of using bitters — which not many people have at home — it has nutmeg and vanilla, which we've all got lying around from baking. Nutmeg also helps brings out the flavours of Martell Blue Swift, which has been finished in bourbon barrels.

45ml Martell Blue Swift
10ml sugar syrup
A few drops of vanilla essence
Small pinch of nutmeg
Lemon twist

Pour all ingredients into a short glass, stir down over ice. If you don't have a stirrer, you can just use a teaspoon. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Make it and serve it all that one glass.

Published on May 28, 2020 by Samantha Teague

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