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Nine Non-Boring Self-Care Ideas to Make Isolation More Bearable

Whether you've got the 'vid or have been touched by the close-contact fairy, prioritise yourself during iso with these self-care ideas.
By Libby Curran
January 13, 2022
By Libby Curran
January 13, 2022

Being stuck in isolation can take its toll and Melburnians are the last people in Australia that need to be reminded of that. If you've found yourself back in iso for the umpteenth time, do all those home-based activities that help you unwind and de-stress so once you're released back into the wild you'll be raring to go.

Whether you're jumping on a meditation app or getting some locally-made bath products delivered to your door, these self-care ideas will hopefully get you feeling somewhere north of 'fine'.

And, if you've got got a mate who's been hit by the iso fairy, these items would make a thoughtful gift (hint hint, nudge nudge).



Want to transform your pad into an aromatherapy haven? If that candle collection is in need of some fresh talent, you'll find some absolute gems being created by Melbourne fragrance house SOH. These bespoke candles feature scents like the fig-heavy Green House and the Mediterranean-inspired Libertine. Meanwhile, Gather & Harvest's natural soy wax candles are housed in glass that's hand-cut from recycled bottles in Bali. Jump online to order scents like basil and cucumber, rose geranium and cafe mocha, shipped to your door. The candle jars are reusable and refillable, too.


Monstera via Pexels


If you've got a bathtub, you've got a luxurious makeshift spa treatment right there in the bathroom. Light a few candles, throw on your favourite tunes and make that next bath a proper event. Local skincare label Dindi Naturals will level-up bath time with products like a relaxing plant-based bubble bath blend, and bath salts infused with native lemon myrtle and kunzea. Geelong's Planet Fizz sells a mix of fun bath salts, soaks and bubble bath blends online including the lolly-inspired Fizzy Bath Crumble, which you scatter into your bath water. Or get a taste of the Peninsula Hot Springs at home with its signature products available to buy via the online store — from mineral magnesium bath salts to a range of rejuvenating natural clay blends.



If your ideal self-care routine involves a clean slate (and by slate we mean epidermis), a good body scrub is a requirement. Slough away stress (and dry skin) with some body products from one of these Victorian brands that deliver to your home. Sustainability-focused Ocean Road has an all-vegan range, featuring a nourishing body scrub made on rainforest fruits and coconut shell. Babe Australia's dry scrubs boast rejuvenating ingredients like green tea, coffee and Himalayan pink salt. And if you check out the high-end spa-inspired products from Salus, you'll find a purifying eucalyptus and rosemary scrub created with bamboo and pumice. They also offer free shipping Australia-wide.



Meditation has a stack of physical and emotional benefits. Among other things, the practice is thought to help reduce depression, alleviate stress, manage anxiety and improve sleep, so it's a worthwhile addition to your daily iso cycle. If you aren't already a zen lord and could use a bit of guidance, the widely-used Headspace app simplifies things with a simple beginners course that teaches the basics of meditation in just a few minutes a day. Award-winning app Calm has its own variety of meditation lessons, along with expert-taught masterclasses, guided exercises and relaxing soundscapes you can use in your future meditative endeavours (you can also listen to Harry Styles soothingly discuss his dreams). And more in-depth online meditation courses are offered by the likes of Melbourne Meditation Centre and the Zen Room.


Christin Hume via Unsplash


As wellness experts will tell you, essential oils can have a whole swag of benefits for your health and mind — including some that can prove especially handy during a stressful stint in iso. And if you want to give them a whirl, there are lots of local companies slinging their therapeutic oils online. Nunchi has game-changing products including an uplifting Sunny spray, a calming yoga blend and the new Golden interior spray — designed to boost the welcoming energy of your home. Castlemaine's Mimosa Botanicals offers a range of oil blends that'll help elevate your home space (with free shipping on orders over $39.95). And if you're battling iso insomnia, the sleep savants at The Goodnight Co have a whole variety of oils and other products aimed at helping you get some much-needed shut-eye.


Manki Kim via Unsplash


Whack on the kettle, raid the pantry and cosy up with one of your favourite tea brews, or shake things up by trying something new from a top Victorian producer. The Yarra Valley Tea Co has a hefty assortment of certified organic goodies available on its online store, including the concentration-elevating Think Straight blend. Indigenous-owned cafe and food business Mabu Mabu has some tasty loose-leaf tea varieties in its line of signature pantry products — jump online to get the spiced chai infused with native botanicals, or an aromatic strawberry gum and wild hibiscus blend delivered straight to your door. Love Tea is another local brand specialising in organic teas, with a huge range of options available for shipping across Australia.


Hello Botanical


Get a fresh dose of nature into your living space with a new plant — no nursery visit necessary. There are plenty of delivery plant stores that can get a new leafy mate sitting on your doorstep ASAP. Online plant and gift retailer Vine Boy is slinging an affordable curation of potted indoor plants and accessories, with prices starting from $39. It has also got a tidy range of extras to add on — think, candles and coffee — with free shipping available on orders over $85. Meanwhile, Hello Botanical offers same-day delivery (Melbourne and Geelong) when you order from its extensive online plant store before 12.30pm (11am for Geelong).


Unyoked, by Luisa Brimble


Any stretch of isolation is improved with a light at the end of the tunnel. So give yourself something great to look forward to and book 'future you' a getaway with plenty of wide open spaces. If you want to stick with a mindful escape, start the search with Unyoked, which has a collection of tiny house stays located on secluded properties across Victoria and interstate. Each micro-retreat features comfy amenities like bedding, a hot shower and a bar fridge, though you can look forward to being offline — and one with nature — for the duration of your stay. Your tiny house might be nestled by a wooded creek, perched on a working farm, or set high on a mountain overlooking rolling hills. Either way, you'll only find out the exact location after you book; which just adds to the excitement and anticipation.

Top image: Mindspace Studio via Unsplash

Published on January 13, 2022 by Libby Curran
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