Tesla Has Just Started Production on Its First Mass-Market Electric Car

This will make the price of a Tesla car significantly more affordable.
Jasmine Crittenden
Published on July 07, 2017

If you've been following the rise of Tesla in the hope that one day they might make electric cars mainstream and affordable, you'll be glad to hear that the car and energy company has taken a big step in that direction. Today Elon Musk's California-based company will start production on its first mass-market electric car, the highly anticipated Model 3.

Why is this such a big deal? Because up until now, Tesla's vehicles — the Model X and the Model S — have clocked in at well over $100,000. This new Model 3, however, will be on the market for 35,000 USD (around 46,000 AUD or $48,000 NZD). That's a lot more affordable, and around the same price that other electric cars, like the Chevy Bolt or the Nissan Leaf.

A major drawcard of a Tesla vehicle is its driving range — on a single charge, you can expect to travel about 350 kilometres. That's a lot further than pretty much any other electric car at the same price point, except perhaps the Chevy Bolt.  The Model 3 comes with room for five people (the driver included), the ability to go from zero to 100 kilometres in 5.6 seconds, autopilot hardware and a five-star safety rating.

Tesla will start production of these cars today, and has some ambitious goals. The aim is to be cranking out 5000 cars per week by the end of this year, and double that throughout 2018. And, to cater to the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, Tesla has plans to double the number of charging stations currently available and to operate a bunch of trucks that can service cars in remote areas.

Those who've got $1500 to spare can reserve a Model 3 now and expect delivery by mid-2018. Although, perhaps we won't need cars when Musk's high-speed vacuum tube Hyperloop comes into play.

Via The New York Times

Published on July 07, 2017 by Jasmine Crittenden
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