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A 'Harry Potter'-Themed 'Potions' Bar Is Popping Up in Auckland

This latest 'Harry Potter'-themed event will see you attend a boozy Hogwarts potions class.
By Lauren Vadnjal
October 01, 2019
By Lauren Vadnjal
October 01, 2019

In recent times, this fine country has seen Harry Potter brunchesmovie marathons, train rides and trivia nights. But are you sick of it? No chance. If there's one thing we know, it's that the demand for Harry Potter will never die — and this latest pop-up, along with the fact that there is a seemingly endless stream of Harry Potter events to come, proves that.

The next piece of mainstream Harry Potter fandom to hit Auckland next January will be the Wizard's Cauldron. Inspired by the experiences that the gang had in potions class — and hopefully avoiding the botched polyjuice potion episode — the pop-up bar will mix magic and mixology. That's to say, there will be cocktails. Probably with some dry ice and bubbling substances. It'll be sort of like a science class, except you'll wear robes and mix your drinks with a wand. And drink what you mix, of course.

The 'experience' will take 90 minutes at an undisclosed Auckland location from Thursday, January 30 to Sunday, March 1, 2020. Early bird tickets are open for registration — and if events in Sydney and Melbourne are anything to go by, they'll come with a $45–55 price tag. For that, attendees get a hot mug o' mead and help from a (probably) greasy-haired Potions Master to mix a potion or two for yourself.

Challenges are also part of the fun, with participants tasked with unlocking the ingredients for their concoctions. You may or may not have to take your O.W.L exam after — and, either way, there'll be a cash bar so you can celebrate or commiserate your results for further drinks and snacks.

The Wizard's Cauldron will pop up in Auckland from Thursday, January 30 to Sunday, March 1, 2020 at a secret location.

Published on October 01, 2019 by Lauren Vadnjal


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