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Health and hedonism are miraculously brought together by the new micro-juicery.
By Steph Trengrove
April 16, 2015
By Steph Trengrove
April 16, 2015

I went to Earnest in the rain. It was early in the morning and I had just been to the gym, attempting to claw some semblance of health back into my life after what can only be described as the least healthy Easter that has ever been (that goddam Easter bunny has a lot to answer for). The gym didn’t help. I spent 45 minutes in agony whilst highly attractive people in lycra effortlessly threw weights around and swished along treadmills. It was on to plan B as I trudged through the rain to Garrett Street’s newest addition, Earnest - the self-titled “purveyors of well-being”.

It’s amazing what a small glass bottle of juice can do for one’s wellbeing. I mean, I know that one juice isn’t going to undo the chocolate and carb-fuelled frenzy of the previous weekend, but as I drank one of Earnest’s fresh-pressed juices I swear I could hear each and every cell sighing in delight. Amazingly, not only was my poor, abused system satisfied by the ingestion of some much-needed vitamins and minerals, but my taste buds were also having a party all of their own. Earnest have perfected the knack of making goodness taste good (hard to do, but so very necessary for us hedonists attempting to be healthy).

The juice craze is far from novel; Instagram would hardly exist were it not for the fitness gurus slurping away at their potions of squished fruits and vegetables. However, Earnest have jumped on to the trend and are making it all their own. Tucked away in a brand new, stylishly industrial fit-out, they are the new venture of the team behind well-loved local café Mikcrate. The new micro-juicery is fresh off the blocks, and was still finding its feet when my sorry, rain-soaked self, made its way through their doors, but things are looking very promising for these vendors of health.

Every day over at Milkcrate fresh vegetables are whipped into salads that look almost too delicious to be healthy. Served at Earnest from lunchtime, one such delightful-sounding combination is the quinoa, roast pumpkin, kale, walnut and cranberry salad ($12.50), served in an effortlessly convenient (and ridiculously cute) cardboard carton. They also offer raw treats such as the vegan granola bar, and raw peppermint slice which, unlike so many purportedly delicious raw-healthy-baking-things, actually look delightful.

And then there are the juices. Undoubtedly the stars of Earnest’s show, these are pressed fresh twice weekly, and there are a plethora of flavours to choose from. I had the carrot, tangelo, rock melon, lemon and ginger juice ($7.50) which was probably the strangest combination of flavours I’d ever come across, but also the most delicious juice. Incredibly fresh, the sweet fruits (and vegetables) were complimented perfectly by the lemon, and the whole flavour was warmed and lifted by the ginger. A side note, it was also the most fantastic shade of vibrant orange – nature’s Fanta. If that’s not your style though, go for any of the other juice options; pineapple, coconut water, lemon and turmeric, red apple, beetroot, rhubarb and ginger or the granny smith apple, silverbeet, cucumber and mint (all $7.50) to name a mere few.

And, for those of you who this is a wee bit too hairy-armpit-healthnut-hippy for, they also serve up a bloody good People’s Coffee. Options for everyone.

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