Wireless Charging Rooms Might Soon Be a Reality

Say goodbye cables, hello battery power thanks to this new technological advancement.

Battery power: we all want it for those devices that are always in our hands, pockets or bags — and, we rarely have as much as we need. Carrying a charger or power pack around with you is just one of the joys of being a modern smartphone user. And then there's the cable side of things, whether you're carting them from place to place, or seeing them sprawling through your bedroom or living room.

Wireless technology seemed to offer the solution to at least some of these #firstworldproblems; however, it's not quite the always-available, always-charging saviour we all want — yet. Enter Disney, their research team and a new room that'll juice up your phone, tablet and more, no strings attached.

Given the name quasistatic cavity resonance, the entertainment company has created spaces that keep things buzzing while still remaining safe for people to enter. Aaah yes, that minor matter of not being adversely affected just so that you can keep posting on social media. The areas in question consist of aluminium panels lining the walls, floors and ceiling, plus a floor-to-ceiling electric pipe running through the centre — with a current surging through it and an electromagnetic field radiating from it. Unsurprisingly, the current design isn't much to look at, but who needs something pleasing to the eye when your phone is always charged?

It makes sense, really — if Disney can resurrect Star Wars and actually make it great, shower our screens with superheroes for a decade and counting, and bring just about every fairy tale to the live-action realm, they can probably whip up a dose of non-movie magic to solve this annoying issue. Just what happens next is a watch-this-space kind of deal, but we're guessing that charging your phone at Disneyland might just be a whole lot easier in the future.

Via: Mashable. Image: Disney Research.

Published on February 25, 2017 by Sarah Ward

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