Food Artists Bombas & Parr Are Hosting a Feast Where Diners Must Kill Their Meal

Their London-based Kill It, Eat It series will step through the process of putting meat on diners' plates.

They've made bespoke cocktails catered to each drinker's DNA, hosted anatomical whisky tastings where spirits were sipped from actual people, and served a beating pig's heart as a starter. Yes, it's safe to say that Sam Bompas and Harry Parr know how to liven up a meal. Calling the duo food artists might be a bit of an understatement, however, particularly given that they're not just experimenting with what we consume in a creative, unexpected and delicious way. At the heart of everything from their edible fireworks to their molten lava barbecue to their 200-course dinner party sits an interrogation of our eating and drinking habits, including the one thing carnivorous folks easily overlook: the food chain.

Indeed, London diners heading along Bombas & Parr's next event won't be able to forget where their lunch came from. In the kitchen at Sea Containers restaurant, they'll see just what path their meal takes to their plate, and play quite the considerable part in it. At Kill It, Eat It, attendees will devour a crustacean-heavy feast — after, as the name gives away, they kill the crabs destined for their stomach.

We'll give you a moment to think about this next-level eating experience because it's quite the confronting concept. Of course, it's supposed to be. It's one thing to know but not really engage with the idea that you're munching on something that was once alive. It's another to have an active hand in it.

The 16 people per session that are willing to face their food in the most visceral and primal way possible, as well as their role in eating living creatures, will journey through a number of steps: looking closely at crabs and the role they play in the ocean, learning about the ways they're sourced and caught, and discovering the the 'biologically most efficient and humane method' of ending their lives. They'll then receive their own live crustacean, prepare it, kill it in a RSPCA-approved manner, cook it and de-shell it. Afterwards, participant's crab will be dressed by the restaurant's chefs and served as part of the group meal alongside sea-inspired cocktails. An expert in fisheries and seafood cultivation will be on hand during the event, and attendees will receive a guide to help them replicate the process at home.

Chatting with Concrete Playground in advance of their 2015 Wild at Heart event at Dark Mofo — which involved roadkill jerky, drinks served from actual skull cups, roasting just-hunted wild deer and the aforementioned blood-gushing pig's heart — Bombas explained that "when you start feeding people, you become quite aware of just how thin that line of civility is that divides us from the animal kingdom." It's clearly something that, with his culinary partner-in-crime Parr, he's still exploring.

Bombas & Parr's crustacean-focused classes will take place on April 23 and 30, and they're just the first toe into the water of a planned Kill It, Eat It series. We'll let your mind ponder just what might come next. As Parr explains, the workshops are designed to provoke the ultimate question at the heart of every carnivorous diet: "if you want to eat animals, shouldn't you be prepared to kill them yourself?"

Published on April 02, 2017 by Sarah Ward

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