Burger Burger Takapuna

Burger Burger's newest franchise premises does not let up on the family name.
Laetitia Laubscher
May 03, 2016


Something beautiful happens when oil meets carbs. We've all experienced it - usually through the consumption of some late-night deep-fried skinny fries from your favourite cheap, greasy fast food establishment. And while I was sitting at the new Takapuna opening of Auckland favourite Burger Burger, it was happening again, while I slid yet another a truffle aioli-dipped potato skin ($8) into my mouth. A triumphant orchestra may as well have been playing inside my head as I chewed on Burger Burger's iconic side dish which overshoots every other oil and carb combo I've ever had the pleasure of encountering. It really is that amazing.

Meanwhile, a little off to the side of this A1 dish, a bowl of charred broccoli served with almonds and garlic butter ($10) patiently waited its turn. This too was a success, the broccoli being a crunchy, tasty menu item which can usefully serve as either as a respite or an alternative to the former side dish. (Amazing and mouth-watering as it is, no one man/woman can have all that oil without an interlude.)

Burgers, the company's namesake, soon followed. One beef burger ($12) - with a Savannah grass-fed beef patty, drowned in melted cheese and with homemade pickles, tomato jam, mustard and mayo - and one lamb burger ($12) - with 12-hour braised and rolled lamb shoulder, tomato jam, mint yoghurt, mustard, beetroot and feta - found some space on the already crowded table. With these burgers there's nothing to do in the description department but let the mouth fall slightly agape and let out a Homer-esque gurgle. Wash those down with a Sure Thing ($14) - the quintessential girls' night tipple - or a milkshake ($8) if the sun hasn't set yet.

Dessert came in the form of one ice cream sandwich ($12) with chocolate hazelnut cookie base and salted caramel ice cream filling and a BB Sundae ($12) with vanilla ice cream, wafers, homemade chocolate sauce and a cherry on top. Here lies my only regret: the ice cream sandwich (as ordered by my friend) is by far the best dessert option on the menu so don't let the idea of a pretty-looking sundae seduce you. The sundae is pretty good, respectable, but when tasted alongside the sandwich it really doesn't match up. It's like choosing between Beyonce or Kelly Rowland.

In terms of looks, the latest Burger Burger has an understated feel to it with its dark furnishing and walls and a mostly light-focused design. Besides a bit of foliage here and there, the backlit jars full of various preserves in the main bar and the well-lit, animated figures of the chefs in the open kitchen act as the place's main decor.

With its high standards, decent pricing and good vibes, Burger Burger's newest franchise premises does not let up on the family name and will serve Takapuna very well. Welcome to the North Shore, Burger Burger.


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