Paul Douglas True Defective

Borderline crass but nonetheless entertaining with a side of toilet humour.
Joanna Gibbs
May 09, 2016


There are not many things I will stay up after 10pm for on a Wednesday night, so hopes were high for a few chuckles at Paul Douglas' True Defective which is part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. The Classic Studio provided an extremely intimate setting for an hour of entertainment. This being my first ever comedy show, all I had to go off was what I had seen on television, and it was pretty accurate even down to the small round tables and the dim lighting. However, unlike on the telly there is no censorship whatsoever, which now I think about it, is why it was showing so late at night. Paul's style is borderline crass but nonetheless entertaining with a side of toilet humour.

Paul takes the audience on a journey from the childhood of lost 'when I grow ups' to our exciting future as parents. Which will include countless skid marks (from the children not parents), trying not to look like a paedophile at trampoline parks and attempting to pimp out our babies, at least I gather that's what was meant from the expression 'pussy to pimp'.

Paul reminisces with the audience about the glory days of partying before the rise of the 'video phone', and encourages us to avoid retirement homes, fish pie and thought-to-be-dead-old-people when severely hung over.

I am most definitely in favour of McDonald's playgrounds, trampoline parks and the strategic tip to have a handy bag of Werther's Originals on hand, before taking on any retirement home. I am not in favour of old ladies named Gladys or skid marks getting more mike time than princesses and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Not a full proof gut buster but without a doubt a goofy, funny comedian quickly climbing the ranks of the many quipsters around town.


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