Amano Bakery

Would be skipped breakfasts, early brunches and late lunches, Amano has all occasions sorted for any city dwellers.
Joanna Gibbs
Published on June 01, 2016
Updated on December 15, 2022


Amano Bakery definitely belongs in Auckland City, and I imagine it would thrive in untiring cities like London or New York equally well. In the hustle and bustle of the morning work rush, the newest addition to settle into Tyler Street is armed and ready with an overwhelming selection of pastries, sandwiches, porridge, friands, tarts, savoury buns and a little something called breakfast slices. All ready to be toasted, wrapped, packed and sent with you on your way.

After half a minute spent aimlessly gazing, we were recommended the meatball ciabatta sandwich which looked as mouthwatering as it was described. Instead, we settled on the mortadella and provolone toasted sandwich with hints of fennel and thyme. It turned out to be a first class breakfast choice. A three cheese savoury brioche with pesto, parmesan and mozzarella was quickly added to the goodie bag, followed by a delicate and perfectly baked sesame seed and honey friand.

Nevertheless, it wasn't until I was clutching my brown paper bag packed with pastries, that I noticed the breakfast station in the far left corner, and what a beaut of a table it was. With winter already past the doorstep and into our hallways, porridge with some poached rhubarb was at the centre of everyone's attention. A sweet and steamy selection of porridge stood in crock-pots with what looked like poached stone fruit to accompany it. Neighbouring the porridge was a vast selection of different homemade breads, lovingly sliced and ready to be toasted, and if this alone wasn't breakfast bliss, the toast spreads were. Including ricotta, honey and walnut and something called macadamia crush, which intrigued my breakfast passion.

A slight panic set in as I couldn't immediately locate the coffee machine which was in fact positioned behind two large bi-folding windows to allow a quick getaway. A brilliant deep blue, the coffee machine emitted warmth that was only heightened by the pleasant scent of coffee. A mention of nut milk was heard from a stranger and I was pleased and intrigued to order a macadamia nut milk coffee.

Sugar-free didn't seem to be an option so I settled upon the traffic light green fresh pressed juice. This was only disappointment of the morning. Perhaps one has to have a more sophisticated palate to be able to thoroughly enjoy the motley flavours of broccoli, kale, silverbeet and malabar spinach.

Would be skipped breakfasts, early brunches and late lunches, Amano Bakery has all occasions sorted for any Auckland city dwellers.


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